Spring Is Springing!

Aren’t they simply adorable  :-)

Dovecakes and Speckles hang out on the front porch rail.

Excitedly, spring has begun its introduction, and the world is coming alive with color! The Forsythias are in full splendor throughout the neighborhood, with a big portion of it being on our own front yard! The Daffodils are also in bloom all over Townsend, adding their precious and dainty touch to the spring scene. The Bradford Pears, and Peach trees, are starting to bloom as well, and in a few days will add their own splashes of color, turning the world into a lovely palette of pastel colors. We received several days of rain this past week, which is sure to give the trees and flowers an extra surge of growing power. One of these past rainy weather days, two of my favorite Doves spent much of the day just hanging out and preening while resting on the rail of our front porch. It was such a peaceful and beautiful scene each time we looked out the living room window at them!

Me alongside one of my lovely Forsythias in the front yard.
A small grouping of some of our graceful Daffodils.

We’ve been enjoying our daily walks and watching as nature begins awakening for another season of growing and surrounding us with beauty. With all of the recent rain, the Little River in Townsend has been quite high, greatly limiting the viewing of our local group of Canada Geese, but the waters will recede, their island will resurface, and they will return to one of their favorite hangouts once again. When we returned home from our trip to Tulsa, we noticed that Snappy, the Venus Flytrap, had grown quite a bit and had several hungry, open mouths just longing to be fed. So Wes was kind enough to smack a fly for me so we could feed it, which was done with a dental instrument. Immediately Snappy knew that this was a delicious delicacy and shut its mouth on it, thus starting the time consuming process of digesting it. What a great addition to our family of plants it is!

One of "Snappy's" happy mouths!

While I’ve been painting, Wes has been working on the production of the DVD featuring our museum exhibitions which will be given as a gift to our wonderful collectors who graciously lent us paintings for the past exhibitions. We also enjoyed spending a day working out in the yard, reworking the fence that goes around secret garden. Although it looks a bit open at present, we will be planting several evergreen vines that will cover it quickly, creating wonderful seclusion for me and a great hiding place for all of my feathered friends. Since it seems that the weeds are the first things to grow of course, we have started the never ending battle of trying to keep them at bay. We’re just both so happy to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of working in our gardens once again!

Fresh off the easel:
While I continue to work on one of my miniature paintings, I’m also taking a day a week to paint on my larger commission of the winery in Italy. Now that Wes has almost completed the DVD, he will resume painting on the portrait miniature of Tyler.

My commission painting of an Italian winery in progress.

Springtime wishes to you!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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