The Gardens and More

“Take thy plastic spade,
It is thy pencil; take thy seeds, thy plants,
They are thy colours.”
~William Mason, The English Garden, 1782

The view of the back of the house leading to the entrance of secret garden.

Perhaps the quotation above is why many artists love to garden so. It is our way of creating a large, living composition that surrounds us outdoors! And gardening is something that Wes and I truly love doing. It brings such satisfaction to walk through one’s gardens, seeing how things are growing and changing, what various colored and shaped flowers have just opened up to delight you with their delicate petals. Or perhaps to see that beans or peppers are ready to be harvested and enjoyed in a delicious gourmet dish. Nothing tantalizes the taste buds quite like freshly picked herbs added to enhance a dish! Satisfaction truly comes when you start with nothing but dirt and seeds, and end up with a variety of wildflowers and vegetables. If you have a garden, count it a blessing and take the time to enjoy submersing yourself in it!

The vegetable garden as viewed from the studio window.

The day starts off busy around here with peedeepeeps, the wren, being the first customer. He waits patiently for his peanut crunchies while sitting on the back of the rocking chair and looking into the back door. Since Wes is usually the first one up, it has become his responsibility to deal with this situation of great urgency! Then a bit later, when I get up, it’s my turn to take over all feeding duties. No sooner do I walk out the backdoor, then do Dovecakes, Willow and several other hungry critters let their wishes for food be made known. I greatly enjoy eating my breakfast on the porch, and one morning this past week it proved to be a three ring circus! Willow came and enjoyed eating her peanut butter treats beside me, while Peedeepeeps and another friendly squirrel enjoyed eating on the table with me. I had to feed Dovecakes at least two separate times, as he was obviously famished! On the other end of the deck Boomer, the little Red Squirrel, sounded like a mix of a Sandhill Crane and machine gun, as he fired out his warnings of not to get to close to him or his precious food. If this weren’t enough entertainment, the Titmouse family of six were also present with their babies screaming their heads off trying to compete for the parent’s favor of the next edible treat! In the midst of all the activity, a Blue Jay landed on the rail and let out such a loud, boisterous call, that it scared us all, causing us to jump a foot straight up into the air! Never a dull moment when eating breakfast on our back porch!

Willow and me enjoy our breakfast.

Although Bear nor any of his friends haven’t returned to our deck, as far as we know anyway, it has returned to some of the neighbors’ yards. We now have to take down our feeders every evening to try and prevent any further return visits to our yards, and many of the neighbors are also doing the same. Unfortunately, some of them have taken the feeders down completely, which is a bit sad for the birds. I can just imagine the birds saying, when they see the feeders are no longer present, “Stupid Bears!” The neighborhood did enjoy a nice time together at our annual Memorial Day BBQ last Monday. It was well attended despite the very hot weather that plagued us. The real treat of the afternoon was when one of the neighbor couples brought out the homemade ice cream for all to enjoy! No summer get together is complete without a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream . . . Yummy . . . especially on a hot day!

The neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ.

Positive and upbeat is how I love to keep my blog, but recently something has happened in Townsend that we find distressing. It is the erecting of the latest cell tower, and where else but on our very own ridge line. Even with the great number of individuals protesting, signing petitions, and with even the city itself fighting it, we have all been overruled and alas it has gone up! It is an eyesore, reminding us daily that we all lost. They have tried to disguise it with “branches”, but it remains a hideous thing, and I call it the great steel Redwood of Townsend. Well, enough of that, I will now descend off of my soap box 🙂

Supposed progress . . .the BIG steel Redwood of Townsend . . . sigh!

Fresh off the easel: I finished my miniature painting of A gorgeous Nautilus this past week. It will be one of the paintings featured in Dr. David J. Wagner’s upcoming exhibition titled “Art of the Dive”. Wes finished his miniature painting this past week of three pelicans that we photographed during our wonderful boat ride on the Sea of Cortez, while down in San Carlos, Mexico a couple of months ago.

“Collect the future’s history today, while it is still affordable.”

"El Tres Amigos" by Wes, is 2½ x 3½.
"Nautilus Belauensis" by Rachelle, is 3 x 3.

Currently on the easel: I’m working on a miniature painting of a beautiful Yellow Lab swimming and retrieving, that we photographed in San Carlos. Wes is painting on a miniature of a House Sparrow by a pretty salmon colored blossom, being back-lit by the sun.

Today is my Mom’s birthday . . . so Happy Birthday Mom  🙂

until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


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