It’s Hot Outside, So in the Water I Go!

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”
Lao Tzu

My new “Hillbilly hot tub” 🙂

Well . . . . I decided to splurge big time, and I bought myself a “hillbilly hot tub” with some of my birthday money! It’s really great, as it uses no electricity. It’s completely solar heated, and by mid-afternoon, it’s absolutely perfect for a nice, relaxing soak! With the warm temperatures outside, it has been a delight soaking in it while reading a book, and listening to all of my bird friends sing. My precious little Hummingbirds, are finally used to the tub and me being there sharing “their” space, so they frequently visit their feeder above and nearby flowers while I look on. While lying down in the pool with arms floating and carelessly moving back and forth at my sides, with a bit of imagination I am in my childhood once again. I’m swimming in Grandpa’s swimming pool while on my back, and he and I are racing, with me slightly ahead and him close behind in hot pursuit! I’m laughing and squealing with glee, causing me to get “strangled” by a bit of unwelcome, swallowed pool water. To this grandpa replies, “Baby, don’t drink up all my pool water!” Minutes before, my brother and I had spent some time swimming and playing by ourselves. Then as the back door on my grandparent’s house opens and grandpa walks out wearing his swim trunks and flip flops, we yell out in excitement . . . “Oh boy . . . Grandpa’s coming swimming!” We loved it when grandpa swam with us, which he usually did after completing his work for the day. Ah . . . . Such wonderful, summer memories these are!!

I thought you would enjoy coming along on a photographic journey of some of the beautiful flowers that are blooming at present in our yard. Some are up close and personal . . . so look and enjoy!

A lovely double Balloon Flower has a visitor.

Two brightly colored Rose of Sharon blooms, a Hummingbird favorite!

A pink Petunia has a wee visitor.

A very small, but beautiful bloom on an Angelina.

A cheery grouping of Black-eyed Susie blooms.

One of my gorgeous Hydrangea blooms!

A Hydrangea bloom on another bush that I’ve placed pine straw around, thus raising the acidity of the soil,  making the blooms pink.

A lovely triple-petaled Daylilly.

Fresh off the easel:
This past week I finished the miniature painting of the precious Prairie Dog with a serious mouthful. I also finished a miniature of a female Mallard that I started some time ago.This painting was done from a photograph that I took last year while visiting our friends, Tommy and Peggy, in Cashiers that live on Lake Glenville. The duck featured in the miniature was one of the many ducks that became my friend after my feeding them while there. I’m so looking forward to visiting them next month, and being able to feed my “friends” and swim in the beautiful lake once again! Wes finished his painting this past week as well, of a beautiful sunlit Seagull that was photographed on our trip to the Sea of Cortez this past spring.

"A Mouthful" by Rachelle is 3½ x 4½ inches.
"Gliding Gull" by Wes, is 2½ x 3½ inches.
"On Golden Pond" by Rachelle, is 2¾ x 4¾ inches.

My miniature painting, “On Golden Pond” along with Wes’ miniature ,will be two of the many miniature paintings available for purchase at the upcoming Gallery of Artists‘ show at the Ward Museum in Salisbury, MD on July 8 – 10, 2011. Wes will discuss the history and modern scope of miniature art via a PowerPoint presentation. (Open to the public) Sunday 2:00-3:00. For more information, please click on the links above.

Happy July 4th!!
Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂

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