New Miniature Paintings and . . . Uh-Oh!

He knows when you’re happy
He knows when you’re comfortable
He knows when you’re confident
And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown

Beautiful and sweet Cocoa!

Ah . . . there he is . . . . my sweet Cocoa! That is what I say to myself when I first see him in the evening as I begin descending the hill towards him. He sees me, runs to the fence and says . . . Pbbbbttttt! I take it as a great big “Howdy” and make my way to him faster! He knows I have goodies, carrots that is, and tender baby ones at that. He also gets lots of fresh pulled grass hand fed to him, and best of all, lots of scratchin’s and lovin’s! He always enjoy a nice gentle stroking on his neck under his mane, and last evening after noticing him trying to deal with an itch on his left nostril, I began ever so gently scratching in the obvious right spot. So if one side is good, both sides are even better. I continued to gently scratch that amazingly soft, fleshy area, covered with the softest velvety smooth fur for quite some time. Cocoa just stood there, so very still with eyes gently going shut, almost as if mesmerized. I too become quickly mesmerized with this amazing, gentle animal, and for a moment the world stands still. Yes, this is one of my favorite things to do in the evening, when it’s finally cool enough for Cocoa to venture to the front pasture. There’s just something about a horse, those amazing big eyes, which draw you in and keep you there for a bit, while you admire the strength and beauty represented there!

A beautiful surprise bloom in our yard that turned out to be a Turk’s Cap Lily!

Other than feeding and petting Cocoa, we’ve stayed quite busy with much painting and daily walks and bike rides, despite the humidity and heat. I’ve also been doing quite a bit of reading, much of it while soaking in my hillbilly hot tub later in the afternoon. One book I recently read was titled “Painting as a Pastime” by Winston S. Churchill. It was a small but wonderful book, enlightening the non-artist to the amazing world of a painter! It also was quite inspiring for me, being an artist, as it refuels ones enthusiasm for the amazing opportunity you have been given to be able to express yourself through painting, and to be able to view the world with the eyes of an artist. One of my favorite paragraphs from the book is as  follows; “When I get to heaven I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting, and so get to the bottom of the subject. But then I shall require a still gayer palette than I get here below. I expect orange and vermilion will be the darkest, dullest colours upon it, and beyond there will be a while range of wonderful new colours which will delight the celestial eye.” Being a big fan myself of bright, gorgeous colors, I particularly enjoyed this.  It was a delightful book and most anyone should enjoy reading it.

I have been enjoying cooking different and interesting things for supper, especially after finishing my book about Julia Childs. One such recent dish I made was one of her all time favorites, Sole Meuniere.  So I looked up the recipe on the internet and prepared it myself, except with Salmon instead of Sole, as that’s what I had on hand. It is a classic French dish and although quite simple with few ingredients, it was scrumptiously delicious! I will make it again. So along this line, a couple of evenings ago, I was in the kitchen slicing cumbers to be placed into a marinade I had made. I had my mandolin slicer and was going about carefully, but happily slicing my cucumber and was thrilled with the delicate, ribbon thin slices I was managing to get. So exuberantly I sliced along, until I felt a slight tinge of pain in my thumb and realized that I had sliced right through the cucumber and into my thumb. Being a total wimp when it comes to self injuries, I quickly wrapped the poor wounded soldier into a paper towel and went into the studio announcing to Wes that I needed his help! He immediately came to my need and into the bathroom we went. It was mere seconds before I started getting light headed and felt myself going down. So after crawling from the chair in the bathroom to lie down on the bedroom floor, I let Wes attend and bandage my thumb. Thankfully, he is a wonderful and patient doctor and hopefully he won’t ever have to deal with any real serious injury with me! Yes, my thumb is going to be alright, and no the end didn’t fall off as I had imagined it was going to do earlier. It does make it a bit harder to paint and do other simple things at present, but it will heal in due time. Meanwhile, I just paint even slower.

"Early Morning Run" by Rachelle is still in progress.

Currently on, and Fresh off, the easel:
I’m continuing to paint on my miniature of a gorgeous race horse with his rider. It is titled “Early Morning Run”, as my friend Fred, that took the photo, took it while they were practicing quite early one morning in Kentucky at the horse farm. I have so enjoyed painting on this piece, partly because of my love for horses. I just have a few more details and things to add, but will wait until I have complete use of my thumb again, as it makes an already difficult task, even more so. Wes finished his miniature painting “San Diego Harbor” this past week as well. It was painted from a beautiful photo taken one gorgeous evening during our visit to southern California last fall for the Society of Animal Artists exhibition opening.

"San Diego Harbor" by Wes, is 2½ x 3½ inches.

I wish you all the best in trying to keep cool!
Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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  1. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossips and net and this is really annoying. A good blog with exciting content, that’s what I need. Thank you for keeping this site, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can’t find it.

    1. Hi Shaquana,
      Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed my blog! I don’t do online newsletters, but you can subscribe to my blog via the button in the top right corner. We also update our website constantly and try to update Facebook weekly.
      Rachelle 🙂

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