A Visit From Family

“Who was the first guy that looked at a cow and said,” I think that I’ll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?”
~ Calvin and Hobbes

Me “milking” the Mayfield Dairy cow

Wes’ parents arrived from Southern Indiana, this past Thursday, to enjoy a visit for several days. Our first evening together was spent enjoying a supper of homemade spaghetti squash and sauce, on the back porch. It was a beautiful, cool evening and the peedeepeeps accepted the new company quite quickly, and joined us several times at the table to eat nut crunchies during the meal, which thrilled Wes’ parents! Saturday was spent here in Townsend, enjoying the Country Fair at our local Heritage Center Museum, while going to listen to the bluegrass bands at the Old Timer’s Festival later that evening. It was a gorgeous, sunny day as our afternoon adventure began at the Country Fair with watching a greased pig contest for the little kids. After the kids all raised their right hands and took an oath to be kind and gentle, and to not pile on the sweet pig, they were allowed to later have their chance at catching him.

One of the beautiful mommy chickens with her precious chicks

From there we enjoyed seeing the amazing variety of beautiful chickens on display with several sporting ribbons! I especially enjoyed seeing the precious baby chicks, and petting the ones that I could while talking “chicken” to several of them as well. I learned to talk “chicken” by clucking to my precious pet chickens that I had for almost thirteen years while growing up. They were my babies, and as soon as I returned home from school in an afternoon, I let them out where several would fly up expecting me to catch them and carry them around in my arms, petting and loving on them, while another one or two would ride on my shoulders and occasionally on my head! They were part of our family and were very much loved! So as you can imagine, I have great fondness for chickens and enjoy seeing them whenever I have the chance.

The Blacksmith at work

From there we spent time just slowly meandering through the old cabins scattered about watching the many people in period dress, doing things like cooking hominy and cornbread, both of which we had a taste, along with a bit of hand-churned butter. Others were spinning yarn, making pear butter, bailing hay, and there was a Blacksmith demonstrating, as well as many other great things of interest. I had to go to the tent where the cows that had been shown a bit earlier were all laying down, taking it easy, enjoying the beautiful afternoon weather. Of course I had to pet each and every one of them, and found one of the Jerseys to be absolutely one of the softest cows that I have ever felt! The fur was so smooth and soft that it almost felt like silk! Obviously somebody’s baby who gets lots of nice brushing and petting! From there we walked over to the location of the womens skillet throwing contest, where I decided to sign up and give it my best shot. I had my strategy all planned out of how I was going to throw it just so, and send it flying through the air bypassing all other contestants’ best shots! Then just as I had picked up the skillet to get the feel of it, Wes blurted out with “Boy . . . better be careful not to throw it over to the right, and hit one of those cars and bust out their windshield.” Well, with that I choked, as I pictured that happening in my overactive imagination! I stepped up to the tossing point and after swinging my arm with skillet in hand a couple of times, while being cheered on, I let go of it and sent it flying through the air, where it came down way short of where I had planned for it to go, and hit the ground with a thud, stopping it flat! I decided there and then that I will practice with my big cast iron pan during the year and by next year I’ll send that smaller pan flying across the road!

The wind-up . . .

The throw . . .

Oh . . .  the disappointment!!

Leaving the contest, we went to listen to a family playing music. The mom was playing a hammered dulcimer, and since I have one myself, I always greatly enjoy hearing and seeing someone playing of these beautiful instruments. We listened to them play and sing for quite some time before going to see the cake and other goodies, contest winners. This was quite a treat in itself as it was totally scrumptious just looking at these delicious looking desserts while reading the name of each entry and looking at the recipes provided. I decided that was a wonderful calorie-free way of enjoying a bunch of dessert! There were also lots of homemade jams, pies and homegrown veggies on display as well as several large pumpkins and squash. We then went and watched the kids enjoy a watermelon spitting contest, which several of them really got into! By then it was time for supper on our back porch, after which we went to the Old Timer’s Festival where we enjoyed listening to several different bluegrass bands, until it got dark and too cold, so we went home and warmed up a bit.

Me being me . . . silly, in a hillbilly privy 🙂

Today we woke to another beautiful fall day and enjoyed the afternoon, while driving a ways along the Foothills Parkway. Our first stop was to walk a short distance to a beautiful rock outcropping that was a familiar scene in the TV series which aired many years ago, called “Christy”. What a gorgeous view it offers and such peace and tranquility as you sit there quietly, while relaxing,  just taking in the amazing panoramic view of the mountains! I have hopes to return there for a picnic lunch sometime!

From there we all walked the winding path leading up to the Look Rock tower, which once you have reached the top, gives a great 360 degree view of the surrounding area! A delightful breeze filled the air, as we surveyed the lovely mountainous setting. Then I happened to see a group of several hawks passing over while catching and riding the thermals. As they would pass gracefully over and then eventually disappear out of sight, several more would suddenly come into view which we would watch until they too, disappeared, as they headed on their journey southward. We left the tower, and walked down a short trail nearby leading to some very large rocks, which one could stand while placing each foot on two separate rocks while gazing down into a large crack dropping a couple of stories below. Talk about a strange feeling in one’s tummy! From there we enjoyed a nice relaxing drive home while enjoying the onset of the beautiful fall colors starting to appear.

A few Hawks flying above . . . a couple just appear as specs

The gorgeous view from the tower

Jeanie, Wes and George on one of the big rocks


Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week:

~ The Art of Miniature Painting Workshop – 5th Annual Miniature Fine Art Show October 22 – November 19, 2011: Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN. We will be attending the ticketed opening reception on October 21st from 7-9PM. On Saturday, the 22nd, Wes and I will be giving a demonstration/workshop from 10AM until 5PM. (Demo from 10-Noon with full workshop continuing until 5PM). For more information, or to sign up, please contact Laura at the gallery.

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Until next time ~ Rachelle    :-)


2 thoughts on “A Visit From Family

  1. Bill Mundy

    Hi Rachelle,
    You looked very energetic as you threw your skillet (What’s a skillett?). You do get around a lot – and yet still are so prolific in your paintimg – both of you. I’ll be sending off my entries to the MASF show today – hope they arrive safely – as your picture is part of the package.
    Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      I was indeed very energetic when I threw my skillet, as I was trying to win! It’s actually a cast iron frying pan, a smaller one, but still a bit heavy. I too hope your paintings arrive safely, and I look forward to seeing my portrait at the show in January. We sent our paintings to the show today as well. Hope you’re enjoying a lovely week!
      Love and hugs 🙂

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