Miniature Happenings and Thanksgiving Leftovers!

“When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves –
Welcome wool sweaters.”
~B. Cybrill

A gorgeous view from our neighborhood earlier today!

I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! After getting caught up from our trip to GA, we have spent most of our time this past week painting. I have finished my portrait miniature commission of the adorable little boy, and now Wes and I both are each currently painting on very special portrait miniatures that I will share with you later on. We are both enjoying working on them greatly, so much so that for me, time almost seemed to stand still earlier this afternoon, as I was so engrossed in my painting! I love it when that happens, and said to Wes at supper this evening, “Why can’t all miniature paintings seem like that?”


Talkin’ turkey, with a really big turkey here in Townsend!

We have been enjoying our daily walks and with some days of milder temperatures this past week, I have been able to wear my shorts . . . in late November!! Imagine that, there are certainly no complaints coming from me. However, I know the really cold stuff must be coming right around the corner. I’ve also stayed quite busy feeding all my “kids” outside. At one point, Peedeepeeps, my Carolina Wren, was hanging on the chimes directly outside of the kitchen window chirping and fussing, while looking in at me standing at the kitchen sink, until I came promptly out and fed him nut crunchies! So spoiled they are! The family of about 8 to 9 Titmice come frequently throughout the day and wipe out the nut crunchies and peanut butter treats very quickly. Dovecakes comes almost daily and likes me to either stand or sit nearby while he slowly eats his own special seeds. The squirrels don’t really care about anything other than getting as much to eat as they possibly can!

Wes and I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving, and part of it was spent with a nice long walk in beautiful, sunny weather! Later that afternoon we, along with several others, went to friends house to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Later that evening I worked off my dinner, by playing video games on the Wii, with friend Alyssa. Wes and I were both excited to learn this past week that we each won awards in the Cider Painters of America 27th Annual International Exhibit of Miniature Art! I won the Floral Award, with Wes winning the Landscape Award!

Alyssa and I enjoy a virtual tennis match!

~ Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

~ 78th Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature at the lovely Mansion at Strathmore, in North Bethesda, MD, opened November 21 and be on exhibition through December 30, 2011. Wes and I have three miniatures each, in the show with both of us having won 1st Place awards. For more information visit their website at MPSGS.

~ The Cider Painters of America 27th Annual International Exhibit of Miniature Art, opened Oct 19th and runs through November 29th. It’s located at The Vgogh Gallery in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

May your leftovers soon be gone!
Until next time ~ Rachelle


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