Christmas Parade

“A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul. The former is easy, the latter hard as he has to represent it by the attitude and movement of the limbs.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci

“Fascination ~ Rowan” by Rachelle is 3 x 2 inches.

I finished my portrait miniature commission of Rowan this past week, and it’s now on its way to its proud new owners, his parents. Wes and I both also continued to work on, and for the most part finish, our other two special portrait commissions. At present and currently on our easels, we’re each painting on miniatures that will be added to our “Visiting the Masterpieces” series. In my miniature, I’m looking at one of my favorite Moran paintings and Wes is standing by a painting by Holbein.
After several days of rain and overcast skies, the sun finally broke through this past week and we’ve enjoyed a few beautiful days of sunny weather. We’ve taken advantage of those days with walks around town and have a hike planned in the near future, since we’ve pretty much finished our time-sensitive jobs. I’ve also continued to stay busy with feeding all of my feathered and furry friends, and with the cooler temps, their appetites have increased big time!

The snazziest police car I’ve ever seen!!

We enjoyed a delicious supper at our friends, Jim and Uschi’s, house this past Friday evening. Afterwards it was time for us, along with Beverly and Avery as well, to play canasta and since the outcome of the game wasn’t in the girls favor, well, we’ll just leave it at that! The red velvet cake for dessert was yummy though! We spent this afternoon here in Townsend enjoying our annual Christmas parade. This year was really nice, as it was the year of the Volkswagen Beetle or “Bug”, as I affectionately call them! Those of you that know me well know that my dream car is a Volkswagen Bug, which would be cotton candy pink with white interior. Therefore, as you can imagine I was delighted with these new additions to the parade this year! They were represented in almost every color, with many occasionally blowing the adorable “Herbie” sounding horn. A nice array of well decorated floats were also a part of the parade, with the most numerous participants being tractors, horses and 4-wheelers. As always lots and lots of candy was tossed out to the waiting attendees who had bags in hand, and ran out excitedly to collect their loot. I’ll admit I was certainly one such person, who came home with a bag of goodies, which I’ll share with friends, all except of course . . . the chocolate!

Rudolph, AKA Ernie, spreading Christmas cheer.

Way too cute . . . the Bugs really stole the show this year!!

Friend Frank throws us chocolate! . . . What a nice friend!

Another friend and his precious little doggie driving one of my favorite tractors . . . a Farmall!

Cheerio! . . . Until next time  ~  Rachelle


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