Presidential Portrait Miniature Paintings

Well here they finally are . . . our recently painted portrait miniatures of President Obama and President Bush!

Portrait miniatures of the American Presidents

The Presidential portrait miniatures, held in my hands, to show actual size.

I’m so excited to be able to finally share with you the two recent portrait commissions that we’ve been working on and have finished. It is truly an honor to have been asked to carry on with the wonderful tradition at the Woolaroc Museum with painting the American Presidents in miniature! These two paintings were so much fun to work on, and for me periodically, time seemed to stand still while I was painting, making an hour or more pass, without my realizing it!

portrait miniature of President Barak Obama

President Barack Obama by Rachelle, is 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches

portrait miniature of President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush by Wes is 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches

Our two miniature portraits of President Obama and Bush will be displayed in the Presidents’ case at the beautiful Woolaroc Museum in Bartlesville, OK. This is a gorgeous museum and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit there this past spring, when we participated in the Gallery of Artists show. If you have not yet been to visit this museum, I highly recommend planning to, if you are in the area. You can learn more about the museum at their website, Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve.

woolaroc museum presidents case on display

The Presidents case on display at the beautiful Woolaroc Museum

presidential portrait miniatures

A close up of the historical Presidential portrait miniatures

A short YouTube video of our Presidential portraits step by step

Freshly off and currently on the easel: after finishing our Presidential portraits, we began painting on other miniatures. Wes finished his miniature, “Self Portrait With Hans Holbein’s Edward VI”, showing him standing by what I affectionately call, the waving baby. This was from one of our visits to the National Portrait Gallery in DC. I’m currently painting on a miniature of me looking at one of Moran’s masterpieces featuring the Grand Canyon, and must admit that I’m having such fun with it!

self portrait with holbein's edward VI

“Self Portrait With Hans Holbein’s Edward VI” by Wes is
2½ x 2½ inches

Admiring Moran's Grand Canyon in progress

My “Admiring Moran’s Grand Canyon” in progress

Well, we’ve had our first little snow of the season, and even though it was a small amount and short lived it was certainly beautiful, especially with the Christmas tree all lit up in front, with the snowy scene outside the living room window serving as the backdrop. Other than painting most of the time, with feeding of my critter friends coming up in close second, we’ve continued to enjoy our daily walks and a couple of get-togethers with friends. Our neighbor friends, Richard and Melodie, enjoyed coming over for a supper of homemade potato soup followed by watching an old movie while eating homemade cookies. One of the cookies is a recipe I came up with, with ideas from others, mainly a family recipe from my mom. I call them Dreamsicle Sandies and with their delicate texture, they seem to melt in your mouth while infusing your tongue with a burst of fresh orange! I will share my recipe on my blog next week. Last evening we enjoyed a nice Christmas party with many neighbors and friends at Judy and Ernie’s lovely home. There was much fun, laughter and of course eating enjoyed by all in attendance!

Remember during this season of gift giving to “Collect the future’s history today while it is still affordable.”

Until next time  ~  Rachelle


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