Hoping You Had A Merry Christmas!

Here’s hoping you had a Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree photo with snow

Our Christmas tree with our first snowfall

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and very merry Christmas! We enjoyed it with Wes’ family in Indiana. I thought I’d just share some highlights with you of photos of some of our critters and Christmas parties with friends and neighbors this past month . . .  kind of a photo journey. So enjoy!

dinner at the partrige and the pear

Wes and I at The Partridge and the Pear restaurant for our neighborhood Christmas dinner

morning dove photo

My precious Dovecakes by his Christmas tree on the back porch

female Cardinal photo

One of our lovely female Cardinals by the birdies’ Christmas wreath

male Cardinal photo

 . . . and one of our gorgeous male Cardinals

dinner at the partidge and the pear

Most of the neighbors enjoying our Christmas dinner party at The Partridge and the Pear.

christmas party

A bit out of focus, but it can still be seen that I’m stealing Ron’s present during the dirty santa gift exchange!

yorkie photo

Lulu feels bad that she killed poor Santa!

playing games

Playing Mexican Train, a dominoes game with Barb, Frank, Pat and Fred


Again I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a healthy and happy New Year!!

Until next time  ~   Rachelle






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