Just Back From SEWE

photo at SEWE

Wes and I in front of some of our miniature paintings

We just returned this evening from a week spent in Charleston, South Carolina, for the 30th Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, better known as SEWE. It was a great show and started last Thursday evening with the gala opening that was very well attended. We had a wonderful time, sharing our miniatures with the adoring public, while also getting to laugh and talk with our fellow artist friends! A great big thank you to our collectors that came to see us and purchase paintings from us, as well as to our new collectors that purchased miniatures from us! As always it was such fun to see all of you! Now it’s time to unpack, catch up on the business end of things and get back to painting!  I’ll share a few more photos and stories from our week in Charleston next time.

photo at SEWE

Our wall of miniature paintings at SEWE last weekend

~ Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

~ Our solo exhibition “EXQUISITE MINIATURES BY WES & RACHELLE SIEGRIST” is continuing at the beautiful SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM in San Diego, CA, and will be on display there Saturday, January 21 through Wednesday, March 21, 2012. So if you’re in the area, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful museum!

To view all our upcoming exhibits: http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html

“Collect the future’s history today while it is still affordable.”

Hope you all enjoyed a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time ~ Rachelle


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