New Miniature Paintings

daffodil photo

It’s beginning to look and sound like spring outside, as the daffodils are in full splendor and the birds are starting to sing their beautiful spring songs! I’ll admit it’s a bit early this year, but a welcome sight nonetheless! My Japonica is fully bloomed out as well, and the Forsythias are starting to pop open a bit. It was even warm enough one day this past week, that we ate all three meals outside, very unusual for this time of year!

photo off the Foothills Parkway

I thought I would share a few stories and some lovely photos from Charleston, SC, where we recently participated in SEWE. Wes and I arrived in Charleston early enough and were blessed with lovely weather this time, so we decided to take advantage of it and do something we’ve wanted to do for a couple of years. Some people have aspirations of climbing Mt. Everest, well Wes and I wanted to climb the beautiful New Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, and so we did. We found a nice place to park and joined the people walking, running and biking over the bridge. From the highest point one is afforded a lovely view of the waterway, and we were there at the perfect time with late afternoon sunlight outlining a cruise ship, a barge, as well as the old WWII aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown, that is retired there. Being a lover of architecture, I really enjoyed seeing the bridge while standing directly beneath one of the large cement towers, with the cables streaming out from it creating a grande abstract sculpture! We enjoyed the view from the top a bit before returning back down and walking around the well landscaped park leading to the pier below.

photo on the New Cooper River Bridge

photo of the New Cooper River Bridge

One of our favorite parts of doing shows such as SEWE, is getting to spend time with our artist and collector friends. This past visit, we enjoyed a couple of dinners with different groups of friends. The one evening was spent with dear collector friends, John and Maureen, and artist friends Ray Brown and Chad Poppleton. As it always is with John, it was very entertaining and there was no lack of laughter around the table, as he told a few of his wonderfully hilarious stories. One that he retold is one of my all time favorites, and depicts his adventure of camping in the upper elevations somewhere out west, along with his dog, and how the first night after hearing a strange and eerie sound, which went something like this . . . “rink . . rink . . rink . . rink . . . woo . . . woo”, he realized they were surrounded by Porcupines! He also told a couple of new ones of the sometimes-hazardous adventures of participating in Civil War reenactments. Needless to say, we all left with sore faces and stomachs from the continuous laughter that evening! Another evening was spent with dear collector friend Mike, and artist friends Terry and Berry Smith, Mark Kelso and his mom Linda. Wes and I have know Terry for about 18 years now, and never grow tired of hearing his funny stories! That particular evening, Terry and his twin brother Berry, got started telling stories from their adventures of growing up in the Georgia countryside. After hearing a few of their side splitting, hilarious stories of adventures, many involving old cars, I quickly decided that they must surely be who the “Dukes of Hazard” learned their numerous and incredible General Lee car stunts from! I’m just both thankful and amazed that the Smith brothers are both still here! As always, it was great fun to hear Terry tell some of his amazing and funny stories!


A couple of lovely views from the New Cooper River Bridge . . .

photo from the New Cooper River Bridge

photo from the New Cooper River Bridge

Fresh Off the Easel: I finished a portrait miniature of my darling nephew Tyler this past week, as well as continuing to work on my different commissions. Wes finished a miniature painting of a Cormorant as well as a miniature of him in one of the art museums in DC, admiring a beautiful Icon painting. A couple of weeks ago, he finished a portrait miniature of our artist friend John Phelps, and it will be one of the paintings available at the NatureWorks show this weekend.

portrait miniature painting

“Tyler at Play” by Rachelle
2¾ x 2¼ inches

Rachelle’s St. George still in progress

cormorant miniature painting

“Gliding Cormorant”  by Wes
2½ x 2½ inches

miniature painting of art museum

“Admiring the Icon” by Wes is 2½ x 3½ inches


portrait miniature painting

“John Phelps of Dubois, WY” by Wes

2¾ x 2¼ inches

~ Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

It’s almost here again . . . the NatureWorks Art Show & Sale will take place March 2nd -5th, at the lovely Marriott Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center in Tulsa, OK. We’ll have 45 miniature paintings new to the show available for purchase! We look forward to seeing some of you there.

To view all our many exhibits:

“Collect the future’s history today while it is still affordable.”

Until next time ~ Rachelle


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