Nesting Time and New Miniatures!

“There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.”
~ Robert Lynd

photo of doves nest

Everything is early this spring, including the nest building and egg laying of my feathered friends. The Bluebirds have declared one nest box as their own, and the female is busily carrying in sticks, while the male watches from a nearby post and cheers her on, or at least when she’s looking at him. A pair of my beautiful doves has built a nest in which two precious eggs have been laid. They built their nest in an evergreen bush located directly outside of our bathroom window. With these abnormally mild-temperature mornings, we have enjoyed the windows being open, one of which is our bathroom window. So when I’m getting ready in the mornings recently, I have been playing “nest building” music for them, which was a one of my favorite CD’s, titled “Bedtime Beats” and features, lots of beautiful, relaxing classical music. The first time I played it for them, they actually started cooing, which I found quite sweet and interesting! I was impressed that they have good taste in music. A couple of days ago, Wes and I saw that two eggs had been laid in the nest, so since then I have been playing my “Baby Needs Bach” CD, so that the two youngsters will grow up intelligent and also have great taste in music!

My sweeties exchanging Dove kisses . . .

dove photo

dove photo

dove photo

dove photo

While nest building is a very serious task taking top importance for some, it can take second stage for others. The “other” happens to be my Carolina Wren, Peedeepeeps, who after being called up by me one afternoon, came and landed on the back of the chair, while his sweetheart landed on the back of the other chair. When he saw the peanut crunchies in his feeding dish, he promptly dropped his mouthful of nesting material, and went beak first into the crunchies! Sometimes I guess eating is just more fun! The Cardinals also appear to be building in the yard, as well as a pair of Chickadees. With all of this building going on, everyone is very hungry, so it’s a full time job keeping food out for them! The birds are not the only ones at work, as the trees and shrubs are really starting to bud and leaf out, and many of our native wildflowers in the yard are blooming, or are starting to bloom. Come along with me for another walk around the yard, this time focusing on some of my wildflowers and flowering trees . . .

photo of flowering Crabapple Tree

Step into our front yard . . .

photo of bee on crabapple flower

Stop and watch the bees on the Crabapple blossoms . . .

photo of Rue Anemone

The delicate flower of Rue Anemone

photo of wild geranium

A lovely Wild Geranium flower

photo of trilliums

A gorgeous stand of Yellow Trilliums

photo of redbud blooms

The stunning pink blossoms of the Red bud Tree

The weather this past week has proved to be quite interesting as it brought several thunderstorms, four of which dropped hail on us! That’s pretty amazing to me, having four hailstorms in one week! That’s more than what I’m use to experiencing in one year! Thank goodness however, that the hail has been mostly small-sized, and the garden isn’t growing yet. I’m really hoping that these type of storms are about done for the season though, as they’ve also brought such tremendous downpours, that they have flooded our raised garden beds a couple of times as well!

Fresh Off the Easel: I finally finished my commission of Raphael’s “St. George and the Dragon” painting  in miniature this past week. The past few days I have been painting on my small painting of a White Pigeon sitting in the sunlight. It’s such a serene setting, that it makes me feel totally relaxed while working on it. Wes finished a portrait miniature this past week of one of our neighbor friends, Gary. We took the photo of him at one of our local festivals here in Townsend, when he was dressed in period clothing.

miniature painting of Raphael's "St. George and the Dragon"

 Raphael’s “St. George and the Dragon”  miniature commission by Rachelle

is 3 ¾ x 2 ½ inches

portrait miniature painting

“My Tennessee Neighbor” by Wes is 2¾ x 2¼ inches

~ Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

~ Alabama Miniature Art Society’s 4th Annual Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show
March 1-31, 2012 at the Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile, AL. We’re very excited to announce that Wes won the following awards in this show . . . 2nd Best of Show, Founder’s Award, (Coldwell Banker United Realtors)- AMAS award

~ 21st International Miniature Show at the Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, NC. This show opens April 28th and runs through June 2nd. Miniatures are displayed in the gallery, as they arrive, so are some miniatures are already on display, which include ours and they can be seen at the above linked website. Happily two of ours have already sold.

To view all our many exhibits:

“Collect the future’s history today while it is still affordable.”

Until next time ~ Rachelle


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