Springing Into Spring and New Miniature Paintings!

“I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have a light joyousness of springtime
which never lets anyone suspect the labors it has cost me.”

~ Henri Matisse

photo of dove

Dovecakes enjoys the early morning sun outside our living room window

Springtime is certainly into full swing here in the Smokies! And since it was in the low 80s here this afternoon, it’s now hard to imagine that there was frost on the ground two mornings ago! I suppose that’s all part of this crazy springtime weather, we all seem to be having. Some of our trees and vines were bit back some by our unwelcome visitor, Jack Frost, but alas they will recover quickly and grow onward and upward! Our first baby “dovecakes” of the season is becoming friendly quite quickly, and loves to spend lots of time in the scratch corn feeders on the back porch. He is so adorable, and I can’t help but to just stare at him when he sits on the handrail soaking up the warmth of the sun! I truly wish I could go out and carefully scoop him up, pressing his soft young feathers to my cheek, and then gently hold him while softly stroking his back. However, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon, but how lovely to imagine such a delightful encounter!

photo of baby dove

Our beautiful baby Dovecakes

The yard is full of activity with the goings and comings of our feathered friends. Recently, one of our resident Cardinals, Lady Curly has begun taking her bath almost every evening, while Sir Curly looks on and waits patiently, with a delectable morsel consisting of some type of insect in his beak. The moment she finishes he is sitting at the edge of the bath offering his chivalrous offering, and he does so with much enthusiasm, while chirping and flitting his wings a bit. Unfortunately for this poor chap, most of the time Lady Curly is just not interested and pays him not the time of day. So he follows her about, while she stops in the nearby vine to preen and tidy up a bit, then he makes his offering again, at which time it is once again, not accepted. I’m not sure what’s going on in this relationship, but I must admit that I feel quite sorry for this poor sweet boy, and continually hope that she will change her mind, and one day soon accept one of his little edible gifts.

Peedeepeeps and Dovecakes both continue to join us for most of our meals on the back porch. During one meal, after deciding that perhaps I was holding out on him, peedeepeeps the wren waltzed across the table and stepped up to my plate. After surveying it for a moment he undoubtedly decided that alas my salad was no better than his peanut crunchies and after casting a glance upward at me, went back to his little dish and ate up a few of his nut crunchies. The back deck serves as a continuous buffet for my feathered and furry friends, and the Blue Jays watch for me to put out the peanut butter treats. As soon as they see me putting them out, they spring into action, and in minutes begin descending on the deck grabbing and making off quickly with their prized loot. I have one jay that always takes two, no matter how much he has to work to cram the extra one in! Of course, my furry friends make quick work of the tasty treats as well!

photo of squirrel

Sweet Chester enjoying a peanut butter treat!

Spending most of our time this past week painting, we also have continued to enjoy our daily walks or bike rides. We also enjoyed a wonderful time at our dear friends Fred and Barb’s house one evening this past week. Grill master Fred pulled out all of the stops with his delicious grilled salmon, moist baked sweet potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob! We along with a one of their neighbor friends, Sammie, enjoyed this delicious creation, along with lots of laughter and conversation, before the five of us played a game of Mexican Train. Today was spent working out in the yard, with Wes planting our vegetable garden, while I planted and worked in the flower gardens. Even with the almost continuous sneezing from all of the pollen, it was as usual a delight!

shucking corn

Sous chef Wes, works on shucking the corn, while I look on

Fresh Off the Easel:
I’ve been continuing to paint a miniature commission of the three adorable puppies, as well as painting on two other miniature paintings. Wes finished his miniature painting of a beautiful old cabin in Cades Cove, which belonged to John Whitehead, in the Great Smoky Mountains. He also finished a miniature painting of a gorgeous Swan casting lovely reflections on the water.

miniature painting of the john whitehead cabin in cades cove

swan painting miniature

~ Upcoming Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

~ 21st International Miniature Show at the Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, NC. This show opens April 28th and runs through June 2nd. Miniatures are displayed in the gallery, as they arrive, so are some miniatures are already on display including ours.

Up Against the Wall Gallery, Kingsport, TN – This gallery has over a dozen of our paintings on display!

Miniature Artists of America Traveling Exhibition – At the MasterWorks of New Mexico Fine Art Show, Expo New Mexico, Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Blossom II: Art of Flowers at the Greenacres Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

51st Society of Animal Artists “Art & the Animal” Exhibition at the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL

Art of the Dive: Portraits of the Deep at the Wildlife Experience, Parker (Denver), CO

To view all our many exhibits: http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html

“Collect the future’s history today while it is still affordable.”

Until next time ~ Rachelle



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