Attending a Miniature Art Show and a Visit With Family

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes none away.”
~ Robert Henri

Artistic Designs Gallery

We left last Thursday morning for Indiana, to visit with Wes’ family for a few days as well as to judge and attend the opening of the 6th Annual Miniature Art Show at the Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, IN. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time Thursday evening while eating tasty pizzas at a restaurant, to celebrate Wes’ brother Tony’s birthday. After eating lunch with Wes’ parents the next day, we drove the two-hour drive to Brownsburg. We spent the afternoon judging the art show before grabbing a quick bite to eat before the opening reception that evening. The reception was well attended and there was standing room only during Wes’ presentation on the History and Challenges of Miniature Art. It was a fun evening for all those attending, completed with a variety of deliciously edible treats to enjoy. Saturday we drove back to enjoy spending part of the day with Wes’ family. After a trip to Rural King to purchase several more pounds of peanuts to add to those that Wes’ dad had already gotten for me, for my “kids”, we met Wes’ brother Greg and his family at a restaurant for dinner that evening. Afterwards, we took our leftover dinner rolls and went to a nearby park, where we had great fun feeding the ducks and geese, several which ate from our hands!  The remainder of the evening was spent back at his parents’ home where we all enjoyed playing the dominoes game of Mexican Train.

eating pizza

Everyone enjoys pizza while celebrating Tony’s birthday

feeding the ducks

I’m not sure who was enjoying this more . . . the ducks or us!

learning to braid

Lisle shows me how to do the “Waterfall braid” on Caroline

Sunday, our dear friend Earl, came to spend the day with us, which we really enjoyed. Earl is always such a joy to be around, and I always love hearing him recount stories from his days as a pilot and of some of his experiences from WWII. That afternoon we all spent visiting with each other while looking at old photos, as well as taking a walk to visit with and feed some of the local horses, which is always a highlight for me! That evening we enjoyed a quick supper together before some of us went to see a play in a park in nearby downtown Louisville. The play didn’t end until 11, and Earl, Wes and I were sure we might turn into pumpkins! Saturday morning we dug up a few flowers and vine sprouts from Wes’ parents beautiful gardens, to bring home with us, and plant in our gardens. After lunch, it was time to say goodbye and start our journey home, back to the mountains. It was that evening when we arrived home safely, and began the arduous task of unpacking and catching up on business stuff. This morning was spent with me at the dentist office getting a chipped tooth repaired, with the remainder of the day being spent doing the few remaining chores. Tomorrow will find us back at our easels, happily painting.

shakesphere in the park

Jeanie, me, Wes and Earl waiting for the play to begin

feeding the ducks

Wes and his mom, Jeanie, feeding the ducks

Currently on the easel: I finished my miniature painting of a Meerkat this past week, as well as another miniature of a beautiful swan which appears to be floating among diamonds. It has that magical fairytale look to it, almost as if time is standing still, and was such a delight to paint! Currently Wes is painting on a miniature of two Canada Geese while I’m painting on a little Ground Squirrel, which we photographed in Saguaro National Park a few years ago.

miniature painting of a meerkat

“Sunlit Sentinel ” by Rachelle is
3½ x 2½ inches

miniature swan painting

“Peace ” by Rachelle is
2¼ x 3¼ inches

~ Events and Exhibitions of Our Paintings This Week ~

EXQUISITE MINIATURES BY WES AND RACHELLE SIEGRIST at the Nevada State Museum, Carson City, NV (Fifty of our miniature paintings are on display and available for purchase!)

  Blossom II: Art of Flowers at the Greenacres Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

8th Annual Heartland Art Guild Miniatures Art Show at the Miami County Historical Museum, Paola, KS

~ I’m delighted to share that I won Best of Show overall, on my portrait miniature of “Mr. Cawdell”!!!

6th Annual Miniature Fine Art Show at the Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

To view all our many exhibits:

Until next time  ~  Rachelle


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