The Energizer Art Tour . . . It Keeps Going and Going!

“A flash of harmless lightning, a mist of rainbow dyes,

the burnished sunbeams brightening from flower to flower he flies.”

– John Banister Tabb

photo of a ruby throated hummingbird

Along with the joys that accompany the delightfully crisp fall weather, comes a looming loss. Our precious Ruby-throated Hummingbirds will be making their journey south soon, leaving the yard a bit empty without their chatters and calls, and high speed chases back and forth across it! During this past week, I have taken each opportunity to pause and watch my hummers whilst feeding at the feeders or on flowers in view, and to cherish these amazing little flying jewels! Whether I’m sitting at the table or in the swing on the back porch or watching them out the window, it seems like a magical moment in time, or perhaps a visit by an angel each time I get to see and watch them. Soon I will prepare the last batch of what I deem “The best hummer juice in town” and the hummers will leave, starting their journey southward. Until then, I plan to enjoy each encounter with them! We also have been enjoying visits from several different warblers, as they too are beginning to migrate south. Just this past week we have had Black-throated Green Warblers, American Redstarts, Tennessee Warblers (how appropriate) and the big beautiful Rose-breasted Grosbeaks! A very exciting week for bird lovers indeed!

photo of a grosbeak

To share . . . or not to share

photo of a grosbeak

Our beautiful Rose-breasted Grosbeak visitor

We have certainly been enjoying our gorgeous weather and it seems like a miracle after such a tremendously hot July! Although we’ve mostly been painting and getting miniature paintings together, packing them up and shipping them out to shows, exhibits and our gallery, we have also been enjoying daily walks or bike rides. This afternoon we decided to go for a nice long bike ride all around Townsend. However, about half way through the ride, Wes’ bike tire developed a serious bulge in it, and we still had 5 to 6 miles left, to get back home. Fortunately he almost made it the entire way home, being able to ride instead of push it, but the lump caused the bike to go up and down like one of those crazy bikes that clowns ride, and each time it did so, it made a loud “Thumpa . . .Thumpa . . .Thumpa” noise and sent him flying up into the air! As I watched him and laughed the entire way back, I told him all he needed was one of those big red clown noses and a cute wig! Needless to say, he was quite delighted to be back home!

photo of a grosbeak

Got seeds?

Hilliard 30th Catalogue Page

A lovely surprise indeed!  We were quite pleased to see that two of our miniature portrait paintings were featured in The Hilliard Society’s 30th Annual Exhibition Catalogue.

Wes and I are so excited and delighted that our Tour Director, David J. Wagner, has extended our already historic solo museum exhibition, “EXQUISITE MINIATURES”, to include additional museums with others pending!  We now have a total of fourteen different museums and art centers participating as part of the tour and we’ll be returning by popular demand to the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center as our next stop!  We will be attending the opening festivities for many of these and hope you will be able to join us for the lectures and gallery walks! Confirmed upcoming venues will be . . .
yadkin cultural arts center

November 15 – December 22, 2012
The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Yadkinville, NC

art center manatee

January 10 – March 10, 2013
The ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL

museum of the gulfcoast

April 7 – June 2, 2013
The Museum of the Gulf Coast, Port Arthur, TX

kenosha public museum

August 10, 2013 – January 5, 2014
The Kenosha Public Museum, Kenosha, WI

roger tory peterson institute

June 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014
The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, Jamestown, NY

Fresh off the easel: We each worked on another painting derived from our Sea of Cortez expedition in March of 2011.  Wes finished painting some fishermen in their brightly colored boat while I am currently painting on a scene of a Guaymas fishermen camp.  We both had so much fun reliving the excitement of Mexico while painting and we’re looking forward to participating in the upcoming exhibition featuring the works of the expedition artists at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ next March.

boat painting miniature

“Los Pescadores” by Wes
2½ x 4½ inches

landscape painting of fish camp

 My Guaymas fishing camp miniature painting in progress


Come See Our Paintings This Week:

52nd Society of Animal Artists “Art & the Animal” Exhibition at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ ~ the oldest and most prestigious wildlife art organization in the world!  We will be attending the formal opening festivities in October.

Exquisite Miniatures by Wes & Rachelle Siegrist at the Nevada State Museum, Carson City, NV
(Fifty of our miniature paintings are on display and available for purchase!)

To view all our many exhibits:

 Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us!

Until next time ~ Rachelle




4 thoughts on “The Energizer Art Tour . . . It Keeps Going and Going!

  1. Wes and Rachelle-
    Congrats at the show!! Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing

    “A lovely surprise indeed! We were quite pleased to see that two of our miniature portrait paintings were featured in The Hilliard Society’s 30th Annual Exhibition Catalogue”

  2. DeAnna

    We might try to make it up to the one in NC, as it’s only about 3 hours away from us. 🙂 Will you guys be there at any time or just your art?

    1. Hi DeAnna,
      We will be in Yadkinville, Friday, October the 16th. We’ll be at the museum around 5:30 that evening according to the current plans. I’ll be updating the final times on my blog when it draws closer. Our paintings will be there the entire time noted on the schedule. It would be great to see you, but I know that is a bit of a drive.
      Rachelle 🙂

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