Commissioning Pet Portrait Paintings

commissioned pet dog portrait painting

Pet portraits in miniature . . . we have done numerous pet paintings through the years, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of them with you. I will feature dogs this time, and then will feature cats on a later blog post. Most of our pet portraits are done from photos or several photos, which their owners supply us with. There are the occasional times however, when we know or get to spend a bit of time with these furry family members, which is always a joy and a treat for us! Macy was my parent’s precious little Chihuahua for many years, and I simply adored her. Not only was she beautiful, but was sweet too, and a bit spoiled I must admit. One of our most enjoyable games was for her to run ahead with me chasing behind, while saying in a high-pitched voice “I’m gonna get you little dog”. She would excitedly run around somehow managing to shape her body like a macaroni noodle, pausing every now and then to see if I was getting close. Finally she would fall over onto her back and surrender herself, as I called it, at which point I would scoop her up and cradle her in my arms while carrying her around, and she loved it! Perhaps almost as much as I did!

commissioned pet dog portrait painting

Another dear furry friend was J.T. He was a beautiful Golden Retriever and had the sweet adoring eyes and loving personality which most Golden Retrievers posses. He loved being petted and scratched, especially with my long fingernails, and when he was lying on something and I would began scratching him, he would relax and fall over to the point where he would be half way on the floor and halfway on whatever object he started on. It was hilarious to see, and his late owner got as big of a kick out of watching this episode as we did! I truly think J.T enjoyed it most of all however. When Wes and I would be walking around town, and J.T. and his owner would pull up into a parking lot where we were, he would have to stop so J.T. and I could visit and he could get caught up on his petting sessions. After his owner passed away, J.T. went back to live with his retriever brother at his owner’s brother’s place, so it was a happy ending nonetheless, although we still greatly miss seeing him.

commissioned pet portrait painting

Sampson is a handsome little Miniature Pinscher, which belongs to one of our dear collector friends. Wes and I enjoyed spending a night with our collector and her late husband, and got to know Sampson. It was a treat to stay in their beautiful home, where she graciously fed us a couple of delicious meals as well! We played with Sampson and of course petted and loved on him, while taking numerous photos to capture just the right one that would serve as the image for his portrait painting. We all choose the photo that showed him lying on a cushioned couch on their porch, where we enjoyed breakfast and spending time with him, with one of his favorite toys between his petite paws.  Three other very precious dogs are Sadie and Sophie, which sadly have both passed away, and Lina, which belongs to another dear collector friend of ours. Lina is a therapy dog and does wonderful things to help boost the spirits of numerous children in the hospital close to where she and her owner live. Sadie and Sophie too, were therapy dogs for many years, and I’m sure made a positive difference in many precious children’s lives!

commissioned pet portrait paintings

“I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.”

~ Samuel Johnson


See this page on our website for steps on how to commission a miniature painting of your pet from us.

Fresh off the easel: I finished my miniature painting of a Guaymas fishermen camp.  It will be featured in the upcoming exhibition featuring the works of the Sea of Cortez expedition artists at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ next March.  I’m also currently working on a human portrait commission that is a surprise, so I will have to wait to share it with you, as well as another scene from our Mexico trip of an old marina.  Wes finished painting a comical composition this week of a Ruddy Turnstone apparently fussing at a Sanderling.  The Ring-necked Pheasant is one of my early miniature paintings from 1999 that I touched up this week for Wes to re-frame.

miniature landscape painting of a fish camp at guaymas

“Fish Camp At Guaymas ” by Rachelle
2½ x 4½ inches

sanderling miniature painting

“… And Stay Out! “ by Wes
2 x 4 inches

ringneck pheasant painting miniature

“Ring Neck Pheasant” by Rachelle

2 x 4 inches

Come See Our Paintings This Week:

 52nd Society of Animal Artists “Art & the Animal” Exhibition at the

Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ ~ the oldest and most prestigious wildlife art organization in the world!  We will be attending the formal opening festivities this weekend and looking forward to seeing friends, collectors and our fellow wildlife artists again!

Exquisite Miniatures by Wes & Rachelle Siegrist at the Nevada State Museum, Carson City, NV

You have less than two weeks now to view our miniature paintings at this museum.

To view all our many exhibits:

 Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us! 

Until next time ~ Rachelle


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