Palm Trees and Stuffing Part II!

Wes and Rachelle with Tyler and Haydyn by the christmas tree
Wes and me with Tyler and Haydyn by my parents Christmas tree

The adventures continue!!! Friday after Thanksgiving, my mom, Hayley and I headed into town to enjoy a day of shopping together, where we met my dad and Wes for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant! After using our very limited vocabulary of the Spanish language, accompanied with lots of head nodding, we headed to a table with a tray full of over stuffed burritos that were delicious! As we sat and ate, Wes and I recounted tails from our trip to San Carlos, Mexico last year, making the lunching experience even more authentic. This was all to the sounds of the taco machine going to town in the background!  That afternoon, Wes and dad returned home to work around the yard, while us girls shopped. We returned home in time for the family to enjoy eating leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal, the day before. That evening after supper, we enjoyed all sitting together around a fire out back, while we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Obviously that was a hit with most all of us, especially the kids, and the big kids! Sometime later, everyone except my dad, brother, Tyler and me had gone inside, but we decided to stay out and enjoy the fire for awhile, since it was a beautiful night. So Marshall played songs on his phone while my dad, Tyler and I danced under the moonlight . . . another great memory! After my brother’s family had gone home for the night, the rest of us enjoyed our tradition of watching “Home Alone” together, a tradition that started when my sister, Hayley, came into our lives. As always, it was still hilarious, and greatly enjoyable, even though we had all seen it ump-teen dozen times before!

photo of an anole liza
A gorgeous little Anole in my parents backyard
photo of a Chihuahua by a christmas tree
Precious Dixie is all dressed and ready for Christmas!

Saturday morning, we made a visit to a nearby plant and tree nursery, where my parents purchased a few bushes and trees to add to their yard. So after a quick lunch, we all enjoyed spending the afternoon outside, while planting the bushes and trees. Haydyn and I began by planting a beautiful pink rose bush that her grandpa got for her. Although the smallest, she was just as big as the next guy, digging, hauling dirt and helping Aunt No No plant “her pink flower bush”. She was as proud as could be of it afterwards, telling us all to look at “her” pretty pink flowers while swinging on her nearby swing. Tyler claimed the beautiful red flower trees, known as Bottle Brush Trees, as his, since his favorite color is red, and helped Uncle Wes, grandpa, and his dad dig and carry dirt, as well as plant and water them, which I think was his favorite part! Of course, we also had to make time to ride in the canoe, dig in the compost while trying to find bug treats for the chickens, and walk on the newly created path through the back woods. We were all thrilled when my dad spotted an otter swimming and playing in the pond late that afternoon, and all had to enjoy watching it and listening to it “bark” for a while.

Marshall, Wes, Haydyn and Tyler planting bushes
Marshall, Wes, Haydyn and Tyler planting bushes
rachelle siegrist
Wes pulls the canoe in with Tyler and me in it

Sunday afternoon, my dad, brother and I loaded up the bikes and headed back to Grassy Island Trail. After unloading them, we were joined by a couple of people from the coast, that came over to ride the trail as well. My dad and I decided right away that no matter what happened, we were sure we were going to get a bunch of laughs out of this adventure. And we were right, as the laughter started as soon as we mounted our bikes and began going over the bumps of the road winding through the cow pasture leading to the trialhead. As we started around the trail lined with palmettos . . . and their numerous roots, we felt like surely we were going to fail this eye/hand coordination test! We held on for dear life as the front tire bounced and bumped off of the roots and the back tire usually went over them, sending us flying up into the air. Laughter spilled into the air, making it all the harder to try to maintain some type of control, especially since we were trying to look very “professional” in front of the other people! I was thrilled that I rode over every stunt section except one, and my dad had proudly done the same! Of course Marshall had ridden them all, but alas it was my and my dad’s first ride around the trail. As the two of us tried to keep up with the other three, we laughed all the harder, and at one point my dad came down one dirt hill so quickly that I looked and he was tearing out through the woods creating his own personal path, making loud popping noises and sending sticks flying into the air! Once again laughter filled the air, until we had to stop and get our breath, and try and regain control of ourselves! Needless to say, we finally let my brother and the other two go on without us, so we could enjoy this adventure at a safer speed for us both. By the time we had finished we had laughed our heads off, and made another wonderful memory!

photo of grassy island trail
Me coming down one of the structures along the trail
photo of grassy island trail
My dad crosses on of the many bridges along the trail
photo of grassy island trail
Marshall soars across the stumps
photo of grassy island trail
Me coming down one of the numerous dirt hills along the way

As soon as we got home, we loaded up our fishing gear, got the others, and headed over to my cousins beautiful property nearby. As soon as we pulled into the cow pasture, a beautiful welcoming committee consisting of lots of cows met us right away. Of course, I was instantly in heaven, being a major lover of cows, and began talking to, petting and photographing them. As soon as the truck had stopped, Wes was out with pole in hand and over at the pond in seconds, with his line in the water! He loves to fish, so he was certainly back in his element! Tyler and Haydyn were right behind him, and were trying their hardest to catch a fish too! It seemed like in no time flat, Hayley’s fiancé, Justin, had landed the first fish. Wes was right behind him and had excitedly caught about eight bass by the time the sun set that evening. In helping Haydyn try to catch one,  I would cast out her line, and then she would pull it in. Every time she felt something pull on her line she would exclaim with great excitement “I think I got something!” Which I would excitedly answer back with, “Maybe you do!” This went on for sometime, and although she never caught a fish, she had a great time. It was then time to feed up the animals, so we went along with my brother Marshall, and petted and fed the donkey, Houdini, and any cow that would let us. When we had returned to the pond, the sun was setting and it was time to pack up and head to Marshall’s house for supper.

photo of child fishing
Haydyn’s pretty sure she’s got a fish!
photo of child fishing
Tyler’s quite the serious fisherman!
fishing photo
Dad helps Wes with one of his Bass
photo of child fishing
Wes, Haydyn and Tyler really working his line!

Supper consisted of Marshall’s tasty barbequed hamburger and veggie burgers, along with my mom’s yummy baked beans and potato salad. We all enjoyed the delicious supper since having worked up an appetite while fishing and biking that afternoon. Afterwards, Alicia, the kids and I decorated their Christmas tree, while the rest of them watched “Finding Nemo”. Before long, the tree was decorated and looked beautiful, and it was time to call it a night. Unfortunately on Monday, my dad had to return to work. So my mom, Haydyn and I spent the morning decorating my parents Christmas tree, while Wes and Marshall went fishing for awhile. Then we all met up at Pizza Hut and enjoyed eating lunch together. That afternoon, my mom and I baked Christmas cookies with the kids. They really had a ball, and by the time we were done I think we had flour all over the kitchen. They were quite proud of their assortment of shapes and objects when they came out of the oven, filling the house with a warm, sweet, delicious scent! Of course we had to have a cookie tasting then, which we all enjoyed! The remainder of the afternoon was spent, creating art on the road with chalk, walking in the woods and playing by the pond. That evening we enjoyed supper together once again. The next morning it was time to pack up, and mom and Haydyn took us to the airport in Orlando, where we all ate lunch together before saying our goodbyes. I’m already looking forward to returning for a visit next month!

Rachelle siegrist making christmas cookies
Making Christmas cookies with the kids
photo of cows
Slurp . . . the cows think dad’s truck tastes great!

Fresh off the easel: Wes and I both are working on commissions of two beautiful cats that I will hopefully share with you next week. This week I’m sharing with you a portrait commission of a very pretty little girl named Bay, which is the granddaughter of one of our dear collector friends.

portrait miniature commission
“Bay” by Rachelle
2½ x 2½ inches

Come See Our Paintings This Week:

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Until next time ~ Rachelle

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