Two Cat Portrait Miniatures Are Finished!

Wes and Rachelle Siegrist by their Christmas tree
Wes and I by our Christmas tree, with all of our “swimming kids” behind us

Lots of painting has taken place in our studio this past week! We finished three of our recent commissions, and I’m currently working on another one. The weather this past week has changed from pleasant, mild, fall-like weather into winter, and brought with it several days of rain and gray skies. Not happy weather, but alas very conducive for painting inside a dry, warm studio. We have still enjoyed nice, long walks most days, and I make several peanut runs throughout the day, going out on the back deck to replace the peanut crunchies, and to put out the peanut butter treats for my feathered and furry friends. Woody, our resident Red-bellied Woodpecker, now comes to the peanut rocks to eat which is a beautiful sight indeed! He joins the throngs of Cardinals, Blue Jays, Nuthatches, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Carolina Wrens and the Downy Woodpeckers. I love sitting on the porch with them, where the only sound you hear is that of a multitude of little wings as they all flit around! It makes me feel like I’m in a big aviary, only the birds choose to be in this one! And the occasional Titmouse landing on my head adds even more excitement to the already amazing experience!

photo of cardinals and a Tufted Titmouse
Two of our Cardinals and a Titmouse enjoying their peanut crunchies . . . in the rain
photo of a Tufted Titmouse
One of my Titmice enjoying a peanut butter treat by “their” Christmas tree
photo of Mourning Doves
Several of our beautiful resident Doves enjoy the warmth of the sun, while resting in the pine straw

I’m thrilled to say that my precious Peedeepeeps, a Carolina Wren, has returned after being gone since late August, and still recognizes my hand, as he has eaten out of it many times already. I’ve questioned him about his whereabouts during his absence, but alas he will not divulge the location to me. I’m thinking he and his significant other, Elvira, were in the Caribbean Islands somewhere living it up in the sun for those couple of months. Why Elvira you ask, well because Peedeepeeps is always going around looking in different small spaces and crevices while he’s searching . . . searching . . . searching . . . for Elvira! I now have two baby squirrels, Peanut, which although still small, is much bigger around now, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to make it just fine through the winter. I suppose the new tiny baby squirrel must’ve seen Peanut, and thought I’m going where she goes, as surely she’s found “pay dirt!” Needless to say, I have a few squirrels visiting for handouts most days as well. Other than painting and taking our daily walks, we’ve enjoyed a few evenings spent with friends eating and playing games. We enjoyed going to our neighbors, Uschi and Jim’s house last evening to visit and enjoy eating a scrumptious assortment of Uschi’s homemade cookies and hot cocoa!

photo of christmas cookies
The delicious and beautiful assortment of home made cookies at Uschi’s
Rachelle Siegrist with a Christmas tree
Me with our neighbor Uschi’s beautiful snow flocked Christmas tree

Fresh off the easel: Wes and I both finished our paintings of two beautiful cats this past week. They belong to our dear friend Don, and Koko is the handsome little prince that we enjoyed delivering to Don when we visited him this past August. I fell head over heals for this guy as soon as the ladies delivering him handed him over to me, and enjoyed spending the next few days with him, before we had to say goodbye, when leaving Don’s house. Don kindly sends photos of him and tells great stories about what he has done lately, and they’re always so entertaining! Koko certainly brings joy into the lives of all those he comes in contact with! Samson is a handsome boy too, whom Don rescued a few years ago now. He’s still not hip on having visitors, so he mostly stays in hiding when we’re there, although Wes and I have caught a couple quick glimpses of him, so Wes says he painted the “Mystery Cat”. Nonetheless, I wanted to share these two handsome boys’ portrait miniatures with you. I’m currently working on a commission of a miniature from our “Visiting the Masterpieces” series. I will share the interesting history and significance behind the lady in the painting with you next week.

“KoKo” by Rachelle
3 ½ x 2 ½ inches
Cat Painting commission
“Sampson” by Wes
3 ½ x 2 ½ inches

Come See Our Paintings This Week:

Until December 22, 2012: The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Yadkinville, NC

Until December 31, 2012: Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ

  • 22nd MonDak Heritage Center’s Miniature Art Show

Until December 29, 2012: The MonDak Heritage Center, Sidney, MT

Until January 6, 2013: Ironwood Gallery at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

To view all our upcoming exhibits:

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Until next time ~ Rachelle


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