A REALLY BIG thing to happen to miniature painters!

The ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL
The ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL – Exquisite Miniatures current venue!

We are invading the State of Florida this month with our miniature paintings! Three different exhibitions, with nearly 100 paintings together, will be taking place with us in attendance for all three and we hope you can join us!

First, we will have a solo exhibition of our miniature paintings at the Yellow House Gallery in Sebring. The gallery is affiliated with the Highlands Art League and Highlands Museum of the Arts, both of which played an influential role in our early career. Wes and I were instructors at the museum from 1989 thru 1999 and held positions on the Board of the Highlands Art League for several of those years. We also regularly exhibited in Sebring, FL at the museum, local galleries and area festivals, so this show is a homecoming of sorts!  The Gallery will have 25 of our paintings on display and we will be present on Friday, January 11th from 5-8PM for the reception. Wes will be giving a presentation that evening titled “From Big to Small” that will review our career from our beginnings together as conventional scale painters to our decision to focus on miniature painting. The reception is free and open to the public.

Next, we will be attending the touring exhibition of our miniature paintings at the ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton! Wes will be presenting a program on the history and modern scope of miniature art as well as both of us doing a gallery walk to discuss our paintings in the exhibition. The formal presentations will be
held on Thursday, January 17th: Lecture: 3-4PM., Gallery Walk 4-5PM and Public Reception 5-7PM.  We are so excited, honored and humbled by our ongoing tour that continues to set historical records. The tour has so far included 189 different paintings spanning from 2001 through 2012. The list of tour venues is ongoing, but at the present time, it includes 14 different museums and art centers (15 different exhibitions) and 12 different States! More are pending and we will update the “events” here on my blog, on Facebook and on our website at:

Lastly, we will be attending the opening for the 38th Annual International Miniature Art Show of the Miniature Art Society of Florida. This show will open with the collectors’ preview on the 19th and to the public on the 20th at the lovely Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. I will talk about this show on my next blog.

Our last solo showing at the Highlands Art Museum c. 1993
Our last solo showing at the Highlands Art Museum c. 1993. Wes’ Nana is pointing to one of his boat paintings and the other shot is us with my mom

With the continuation of mostly cloudy, rainy days, we spent most of our time in the studio once again this past week while painting. This afternoon however, we took a wonderful break, and after eating lunch at Subway, we headed into the National Park to hike to one of my favorite waterfalls. With all of the recent rain, I figured they would certainly have the falls “turned on” and running nicely!  With hiking sticks in hand, we left pavement behind and we began ascending the trail. Although the gray skies and rain make for undesirable days weather wise, they do wonders for the moss, and I must say it was simply stunning! Fortunately I had planned ahead and wore my gloves in which the mitten part covering the fingers flips back, exposing the ends of your fingers, thus making them perfect for petting moss along the trail! And stop and pet the moss I did, numerous times as we walked along, plodding through the mud and over rocks. There is something truly amazing and uplifting about walking through the woods where no man made structures exists, and one is surrounded only by the natural world, and I could feel my spirits lift and being renewed as we went along. Not too long after we started walking, the clouds parted and we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine! Before long, I could hear the roar of water crashing down in the distance, and within no time we found ourselves making our way to the base of the falls. We spent a bit of time there enjoying the majestic setting while eating a few of my homemade butterscotch cookies. I could sit and watch a waterfall for hours, as it performs a most amazing show, of water crashing over the edge, hitting numerous protruding rock ledges on the way down, causing it to bounce and go in every direction while all the while continuing to descend. The visual effects and roar of the water create a most mesmerizing effect, and you can actually feel your pulse rate slow down. Soon it was time to hike back to the van and return home, so I could share about our couple of hours of relaxation with you. So come along with us to enjoy the falls for a bit via a few photographs I want to share with you . . .

photo of spruce flats falls trail
The first nice section of moss along the trail

photo of spruce flats falls trail
The clouds part and the glorious sun shines through!

photo of spruce flats falls
Wes happily walking along with the falls in view up ahead

photo of spruce flats falls
Me with one of my favorite waterfalls!

photo of spruce flats falls
I’m the little person in the back left looking up at the falls

photo of moss on a waterfall trail
Ah . . . mounds of lushes, soft green moss!

photo of frost in the smokies
A view of the beautiful back-lit frosty trees  from our front yard one morning

Fresh off the easel: Wes just recently finished a miniature painting of an Ewe that he saw at the Museum of Appalachia earlier this year. I finished my painting in our “Visiting the Masterpieces” series, of myself looking at Robert Henri’s “Lady in Black Velvet” featuring Eulabee Dix.  The fact that Eulabee too was a miniaturist, makes it extra special!  I’m currently painting on a pet portrait miniature of my parent’s precious dog, Dixie.  She is such a sweetie and I thought this was a perfect portrait of her wearing her bandana, which she seems to wear proudly, with my sister Hayley’s boots in the background.  Hence the title “Lil’ Southern Cowgirl”.  As you can imagine, I’m having great fun with this one, and hope to finish it this week and will share it with you on my next blog post.

portrait miniature painting Robert Henri's "Admiring the Lady in Black Velvet"
“Admiring the “Lady in Black Velvet” by Rachelle
3½ x 2½ inches
miniature painting of a sheep by Wes Siegrist
“I See Ewe” by Wes
2½ x 3½ inches
pet portrait from photo
My miniature painting of Dixie in Progress


Come See Our Paintings This Week:

28th Almost Miniatures Show

Until January 12, 2013: Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Lexington, MA


Siegrist Solo Exhibition at the Yellow House Gallery, Sebring, FL (We will be here on Friday the 11th to give a lecture and be present for the public reception starting at 5PM!)



Opening January 10, 2013: The ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL (We will be here on Thursday the 17th to give a lecture, gallery walk and to be present for the public reception.  The programs start at 3PM!)

To view all our upcoming exhibits: http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html


 Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us!

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Until next time ~ Rachelle



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