Standing Room Only!

wes siegrist lecturing at yellow house gallery
Wes giving his lecture during the opening

We hit the ground running this past Friday, as my parents picked us up from the Orlando airport, then we drove down to Sebring, FL in time to grab a quick bite for supper, before attending that evening, the solo exhibition of our miniature paintings at the Yellow House Gallery, which is affiliated with the Highlands Art League and Highlands Museum of the Arts. We were immediately greeted, by a group of people including several long time friends whom we had not seen in way too many years! It was like a family reunion as throughout the evening familiar faces kept appearing and hugs were given. By the time Wes was ready to give his talk, the rooms were filled, and when he was almost finished, there were so many people in the rooms, and on the adjacent front porch, that people could not even get in and had to leave! We were thrilled to say the least at this amazing response and excitement about our miniature paintings, and about our return the beautiful Sebring area! By the time the evening had ended, we were on cloud nine, and so very happy to see so many people who were an important part of our lives many years ago. Many thanks again to those of you who helped to make this event such a success and wonderful experience, and memory for us! I’d like to share a few photos of some of our friends in attendance . . .

the siegrists with friends Jan and Kermit
Wes and I with dear friends and fellow artist, Jan and Kermit Fetters
wes and rachelle siegrist with friends
Wes and I with dear friends and fellow artist, Wayne and Daisy Wilkins
siegrists at yellow house gallery
Wes and I with long time friends of his family, Jim and Marylib Langham
the siegrists with friends at the yellow house gallery
Wes and I with friends, Rose (a former student) and Jack (an art teacher in the area)
wes and rachelle siegrist with susan from the highlands art museum
Wes and I with long time friend and HAL Administrator, Susan
the siegrists with a friend at highlands art museum
Wes and I with our dear friend that we taught children’s art classes with, Darian Dumont

We recalled the highlights of our exciting evening as we drove home to Okeechobee that night. The next morning, it was time to see the kids, so we played out by the pond and tidied up their playhouse so we could all enjoy a picnic lunch in it while looking out over the beautiful setting in the backyard. That afternoon we went over to our cousin’s property and the kids and I played in the mud and made a “mudman” since there was no snow available. We had a ball and it took some work to get us cleaned up so we could eat. We had a pasture picnic, under the spread branches of the gorgeous Live oak trees, with Spanish Moss-lined limbs, with the herd of cows not too far away. It was a beautiful spot, and the kids enjoyed once again, playing in the dirt until the sun finally set, creating a magnificent colorful display of pinks in the late evening sky!

sandhill crane photo
Part of a beautiful flock of Sandhill Cranes gathered in a nearby pasture
rachelle siegrist
Haydyn, Tyler, Dixie and I playing in the dirt
 a family picnic
Enjoying our yummy pasture picnic
kids playing in the dirt
Tyler and Haydyn working on the “mudman”

This morning, Dad, Wes and I headed out early to meet my brother Marshall at the trailhead for nearby Grassy Island Trail. My brother kindly borrowed a couple of bikes for us, so after mounting our “steel horses”, off we went, across the cow pasture to where the trail really begins. It was a beautiful, cool morning as we rode along through the hammock area filled with Cabbage Trees, Saw Palmettos and numerous large, gorgeous Live Oaks, all gracefully sporting their own drapes of Spanish Moss. We rode most of the man-made stunt sections throughout the trail as well. As always it was great fun, and there was much laughter as we went along, gathering more great memories! Many thanks to my brother, Marshall and his friend Scott, for letting us borrow bicycles. We made it home in time to have lunch with the family, and then enjoyed walking around another nearby trail that surrounds a beautiful wetland area, filled with hundreds of birds, and many alligators, making for another fun and scenic walk through nature! We finished up with the family all enjoying supper together, and eating chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas and nut clusters, which my mom made, for dessert, or what my niece and nephew call “massert”. I think it may have something to do with the idea of they’d like to have more dessert!

rachelle riding on the grassy island trail
Me Going up . . .
mountain biking at grassy island trail
. . . and coming down!
Marshall biking at grassy island trail
Marshall riding over the log bridge
photo of grassy island trail
Now it’s Dad’s turn!

Fresh off the easel: Wes just recently finished a miniature painting of a Kangaroo titled “Aha . . . There is Something Following Me”. I’m still painting on my miniature of my parent’s little dog, Dixie, which I hope to finish sometime soon after we returned home.

Aha ... Something Is Following Me!
“Aha . . . Something Is Following Me!” by Wes
3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

Come See Our Paintings This Week:

Siegrist Solo Exhibition at the Yellow House Gallery, Sebring, FL – Until @February 2nd


We hope you will be able to join us at the The ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton! Wes will be presenting a program on the history and modern scope of miniature art as well as both of us doing a gallery walk to discuss our paintings in the exhibition. The formal presentations will be
held on Thursday, January 17th: Lecture: 3-4PM., Gallery Walk 4-5PM and Public Reception 5-7PM

We will also be attending the opening for the 38th Annual International Miniature Art Show of the Miniature Art Society of Florida.  This show will open with the collectors’ preview on the 19th and to the public on the 20th at the lovely Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.

To view all our upcoming exhibits:


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