Wes’ Birthday, Weird Winter Weather, and New Miniature Paintings

A male Cardinal in an ice covered tree
One of our beautiful male Cardinals is statuesque among the ice covered branches

Weird, wacky weather . . . that’s what this past week has been filled with! Friday, a week ago, we awoke to freezing rain falling, and by the end of the cold, dreary day, the world was encased in ice! The ice melted away that night, freeing once again its previously frozen captives, and was followed by a couple of grayer, cold days. Then to my delight, upon waking up Tuesday morning, the weather had incredibly warmed up, and I enjoyed eating my breakfast on the back porch, while being joined by all of my feathered and furry friends. It was Wes’ birthday, and we thoroughly enjoyed this magical gift of spring-like weather, with a walk in the mild temperatures.  Mild enough in fact, that I was able to wear shorts!

ice covered tree in the smokies
Our front yard with the trees encased in ice
photo of icicles in the smokies
Hmm . . . want a side of icicles with those seeds?
ice covered trees in the smokies
A winter wonderland close up!

But alas the magical weather was not to last, and sadly by the end of the day it had turned cold and gray once again. To top it off, the next two to three nights served up tumultuous sounding winds throughout the entire night, with constant roaring sounds, making it seem as if a super sized ocean was outside playing a symphony of thunderous roars! The relentless winds roared and carried on throughout the night, causing the house to crack and pop each time the strong winds would descend down from over the mountain. Needless to say, after three nights of this, we were thrilled when the fourth night was quiet enough to hear a pin drop outside! Then this past Friday, it finally decided to snow, and it created a lovely little dusting on the ground. It didn’t last too long, so I enjoyed it while it was here. Saturday brought a few more snow showers while we were walking home from our lunch at our local Pizza Hut. Shortly after we had arrived home however, it stopped and within no time, the snow mostly melted away once again. I couldn’t help but wonder how can the snow melt when it feels so cold outside? Hmmm . . . I know it’s because the ground is too warm, but it doesn’t seem possible. Oh well, not to worry, this morning we awoke once again to falling snow, but to no avail, as it had melted almost before it even hit the ground. I’ve just come to the disappointing conclusion that snow sledding is just not meant to happen for me right now.

finches in snow
A few of my feathered friends lined up, eating their treats
purple finches in snow
Our beautiful Purple Finches
A male Cardinal in snow
A male Cardinal grabs a treat
photo of snow in the smoky mountains
Ah . . . better enjoy it fast before it melts!

In between watching and waiting to see what nature was going to serve up next weather-wise, we’ve been busily painting here in the studio, and getting ready for our upcoming shows, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC and the NatureWorks Art Show & Sale in Tulsa, OK, of which I will post the upcoming dates for both on my blog, next week. Wes had a very nice birthday, as I made him homemade crab cakes, macaroni and cheese and caramelized Brussel sprouts for his birthday supper. One of the highlights of his special day however, was the photo my mom sent of our precious little niece, Haydyn, proudly showing off the beautiful birthday card she had made for Uncle Wes that very morning!

Sweet Haydyn with Wes' Birthday Card
Sweet little Haydyn proudly displays Uncle Wes’ Birthday Card
crab cakes
Wes’ Birthday dinner before he devoured it!

Fresh off the easel: This week I finished two, one square inch miniature paintings of cows.  I absolutely  love cows and always have as long as I can remember!  Thus I though it would be lovely to pay a tribute of sorts to them, by painting a series of miniature paintings featuring cows, as well as other members of the Bovine class.  I call it the “Beautiful Bovines” series, as I think they are just that . . . beautiful!!  So I excitedly present to you the first two gorgeous girls of this fun series!  Wes finished his miniature painting of a gorgeous Pigeon sitting on top of a dragon sculpted lamp, which we photographed while in Guaymas, Mexico, while there two years ago for the Sea of Cortez expedition.

cow painting
“Beautiful Bovine II”  by Rachelle ~ 1 x 1 inch

miniature cow painting
“Beautiful Bovine I”  by Rachelle ~ 1 x 1 inch

painting of a pigeon
“The Dragonslayer” by Wes  ~ 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches


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Until next time ~ Rachelle


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