Anticipating the Upcoming NatureWorks Art Show!

With the upcoming NatureWorks Art Show quickly approaching, we’re getting all of our last minute details taken care of, such as paperwork, framing, and our miniatures carefully packed up and ready to go to Tulsa, OK. As always we’re anxious to see several of our collector and artists friends there once again this year! With everything that’s been going on in preparing for the this show, as well as others however, we took time this afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies with a relaxing walk in the woods. We drove to the nearby trailhead after eating a nice lunch at Subway. With walking sticks in hand, we started making our way up the side of the mountain leading to one of my favorite waterfalls. The air was crisp and cool as we went along winding our way around the path following the gentle curve of the mountain. Our feet made sloshing sounds as we plodded along the sopping wet, muddy trail, carefully trudging through several sections, which had become temporary stream beds. Although the tremendous amount of recent rainfall has created a mushy forest floor, it has also caused the moss to become quite stunning, assuming a bright green, lush appearance, and one that I simply cannot resist touching! Several scattered patches of  Soldier Moss were also looking quite stunning sporting their wee red caps, while looking like a miniature army marching off to battle! Unfortunately our “charged” camera batteries were alas not charged, and I was very limited in the photos I was able to take, with this unfortunately being one I missed.

photo of spruce flats falls
The falls up close and personal!

Rounding another sharp, or “hairpin” curve as we here in the Appalachian mountains like to call them, we suddenly found ourselves on the South side of the mountain, where we were greeted with the full radiance and warmth of the sun, as well as an accompanying delightfully warm and balmy breeze. The type of breeze, which one usually has the pleasure of enjoying in late spring and early summer, and I must admit that it felt simply divine! I immediately stopped while exposing my forearms, and lifting my sun drenched face to the sky, soaking in this amazing warmth that I have not felt here, outside, in what seems like a very long time! I imagined myself as a butterfly after a long, chilly flight, landing on a sunlit rock, extending its colorful wings to absorb the much needed and appreciated warmth of the sun, thus recharging its solar batteries, enabling itself to carry on! Feeling like my own solar batteries were mostly recharged, I went along the path, catching up with Wes who was a ways ahead of me at this point. Having just turned my camera on, I captured the first glimpse of my beloved Spruce Flats Falls as I rounded the final curve in the trail, before descending to the base of the falls. Even before seeing this first glimpse, I could hear it’s thunderous roar in the distance. Scampering down the steep trail, I reached the bottom, and although I’ve seen it numerous times before, it always amazes me! Climbing over the steep, large and somewhat slippery rocks, I made my way to the very base of the falls, and stood there watching it with great admiration. The rain induced higher river levels feeding the falls, caused it to crash and roar over the edge like a torrential downspout, sending sprays and drops of water flying out a great distance in all directions as it made it’s way to the bottom! We sat on a rock near the bottom for a short while simply enjoying this spectacular show of nature. Feeling quite refreshed and happy to have had the falls completely to ourselves, we started our journey back passing several other hikers heading to the falls. Before long we were back at the trailhead, and making our way home.

photo of spruce flats falls
My beloved Spruce Flats Falls in the distance
photo of spruce flats falls
splish . . . splash . . . crash!

Fresh off the easel: This week I finished a miniature painting of a gorgeous Scissortail Flycatcher, to be débuted at NatureWorks show this coming weekend. Wes is currently working on a still life, which he set up in our living room, using things we’ve found over the years. It will be featured in the show “American Still Lifes” which will premiere at the beautiful R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA in March of 2014. Wes and I will have six miniature paintings featured in this lovely show, between the two of us.

painting of a scissortail flycatcher
“Magnificent Scissortail” by Rachelle ~ 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches
still life painting
Wes’ “A Few Things I Found” in progress

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