New Miniature Paintings and Snow!


Well, it finally happened . . . we got snow while we were home, and did I ever enjoy it! It only lasted about a day and a half, but that was okay, as we got to go for a walk in it and I was able to build a snowman, who lived for a couple of days after the snow had all melted away. Although our walk in the snow was beautiful and peaceful, I must admit with the wind blowing it was quite cold, and to top it off, it started snowing pretty good on the return part, making us both quite wet by the time we finally got home! Nonetheless, another memory was made! After drying off and warming up, I headed out to the back deck where I commenced to build a snowman for my nephew Tyler and niece Haydyn. I was really wishing they could’ve been here to help me, but I enjoyed building Frosty and taking photos of him to send the kids. I thought Frosty could use a few friends, so I made a little depression in his hat and placed sunflower seeds and peanut crunchies in it. In no time, he had his first visitor, Tinymouse, one of our resident Titmice. Before long he had all sorts of friends coming to visit him throughout the day, that was as long as he had treats to offer them! Needless to say, it made for great photo opportunities as well.

snowman photo
Tinymouse visit Frosty
snowman photo
Peedeepeeps visits Frosty . . . notice he’s lost an eye by this point . . . poor fellow!
snowman photo
Sweet Patches visits frosty . . . notice I did eye surgery and put Frosty’s eye back!

By the next afternoon, most of the snow had melted in our yard, but Frosty lived on! He actually lived until this morning, and when I walked out onto the back deck to feed my critters their breakfast all that remained of my little snow friend was a wee chunk of snow. I almost felt as if I needed to share a moment of silence. However, even though his life was short lived, alas it was a full one spent with friends! This afternoon, it’s hard to imagine that snow fell a few days ago, as I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt while taking a walk. I must admit it felt delightful to be able to feel the warmth of the sun hitting my skin, knowing that I was catching up on some much-needed vitamin D! As well as painting, playing in the snow and going for nice walks, we also enjoyed spending time with friends this past week. Last Thursday our very dear collector friends, Steve and Dianne came to spend the day with us. The four of us enjoyed a delicious lunch at our local Miss Lily’s restaurant, and of course spent the entire time laughing and swapping great stories. We spent the remainder of afternoon at our local Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, with it being our friends first visit there, and us not having seen the one traveling exhibition yet. So, it was certainly a great day for all of us! Last evening we met a few of our neighbor friends at our local Pizza Hut, and then they came over to our house afterwards to play Mexican Train Dominoes.

Okay . . . I just couldn’t resist, so here are a few photos documenting the last few hours of my precious Frosty’s life . . .

snowman photo
Going . . .
snowman photo
Going . . .
snowman photo

Those of you, who know me well, know that I totally love snow! So of course I had to take lots of photos of it all throughout the day, so here are a few more photos that I simply must share with you from around our yard . . .

photo of snow in the smoky mountains
The beautiful view from our bedroom
photo of Morning Dove
One of our precious doves by the front sidewalk
photo of snow in the smoky mountains
A lovely view of our front yard

Currently On Our Easels: Wes finished another still life painting for the upcoming “American Still Lifes” show, “A Few Things I Found II” and is now working on a third still life painting featuring an antique stop watch. I just finished my miniature painting yesterday, of a beautiful dog named, Sugar Lily, who belongs to my sister Hayley.

dog painting from photo
Sugar Lily” by Rachelle is 2 ½ x 2 ½
miniature still life painting
A Few Things I’ve Found II” by Wes is 2 ½ x 3 ½

Come See Our Paintings This Week:

~ The Sea of Cortez at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ

March 16 thru June 2

~ Annual Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show at the Mobile Arts Council Gallery in Mobile, AL

Until March 29th

~ Annual Miniatures in Mariposa Show at the Sierra Artist Gallery in Mariposa, CA

Until March 24th

To view all our upcoming exhibits:


 Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us!

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Until next time ~ Rachelle




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