Happy Easter!


For me, Easter always brings to memory a day filled with blue skies above, bright green grass below and flowers galore, all accompanied by sunshine and warm breezes. Somehow this Easter day does not fit that description, as we seem to be stuck with the “winter that wouldn’t die”, as I like to deem it. It relentlessly continues to punish us with numerous dreary, cold and rainy days. My mom, who lives in Florida, continues to assure me daily that the sun does indeed still exist, thus filling me with the hope that someday soon, alas the heavy gray clouds will part and the blessed sun will break through and shine on us once again! Oh . . . I can hardly wait for it to happen!
The yard still mostly resembles a winter landscape, as the trees are still clinging tightly to their tiny buds, not quite sure of it being safe yet to open and release them to the harsh elements. I can’t say as I blame them, but I do greatly anticipate the day arriving when the world will once again be green outside! The world was actually white outside a couple of days this past week, being covered with snow that is. We woke up one morning and found the landscape freshly covered in a blanket of white, and within a few hours it had all completely melted away. But not to worry, it started snowing like crazy that afternoon, when we were walking back from the P.O. no less, and within minutes had turned everything to white once again! This was repeated a few more times . . . with it snowing . . . and then melting, which kept things interesting around here for a couple of days anyway. The one benefit of such a wet winter and spring, is that the moss is growing and spreading like mad! So much so, that when outside, one must be very careful to not remain stationary for long, or else the moss will start growing on you! They say it’s going to warm up a wee bit sometime later this week. All I can say is, “Oh pretty please let it happen!” Nonetheless, here are a few lovely photos of our spring weather for you to enjoy . . .

photo of a baby squirrel
My precious wee Patches enjoying her seeds

photo of snow in the smoky mountains
Our porch all decked out in white

purple finches in snow
A gorgeous resident male Purple Finch

photo of snow in the smoky mountains
A view from our side yard

Yoshino Cherry blossoms covered in snow
My Yoshino Cherry blossoms covered in snow

playing dominoes at freds
Showing off our delectable chocolate desserts, which our friend Fred made, when we played dominoes at their house recently


Currently On Our Easels: I finally finished my miniature painting of me looking at a painting by Fran Snyder. I personally call it “A Vegetarian’s Nightmare”, since it features dead game. I have mixed feelings about this painting. Part of me admires it as a beautifully painted masterpiece, while the other part of me finds the needless killing of such elegant birds and animals quite disturbing. Thankfully we have photos from which to work now, and we grow and eat more beans. Wes finished his miniature of a Blue-footed Booby, which we photographed during our trip to San Carlos a couple of years ago, and a miniature of one of our beautiful, resident male Cardinals amongst icy covered branches. Wes is currently working on a Hermit Crab painting, and I’m painting a Bison.

miniature still life painting
  “Admiring Fran Snyder’s ‘Still Life With Dead Game’” by Rachelle        ~ 3 ½ x 4 ¾ inches

blue-footed booby painting
“Blue-footed Booby” by Wes
~ 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches

cardinal painting
“A Bright Spot In Winter” by Wes
~ 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches

Come See Our Paintings This Week:


Opens April 7 and runs until June 2

Museum Of The Gulf Coast, Port Arthur, TX

The Sea of Cortez  Produced by David J. Wagner, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

Until June 2nd

To view all our upcoming exhibits: http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html


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I leave you with this beautiful quote on this Easter Day . . .

“The world appears very little to a soul that contemplates the greatness of God” 

~ Brother Lawrence

Celebrate Easter . . . for He is risen!!

Until next time ~ Rachelle


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Jim Smith

    Wes and Rachelle-
    Sorry about your snow:( The sun is here so I am sure it is coming your way!! Thanks for sharing your images!!

    (Showing off our delectable chocolate desserts!!)
    That chocolate sure looks good!!

    1. Hi Jim,
      I’m so glad that you are getting to enjoy the sunshine!!! Perhaps you could send some our way 🙂
      You’re certainly welcome about sharing the photos, and yes, the chocolate dessert was delicious!!
      Hugs 🙂

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