Flowers . . . Birds . . . Bees and Music!

Song Sparrow sitting in the Red bud Tree photo
Our beautiful Song Sparrow sitting in the Redbud Tree

No hitting the trails this past week, as we were busily painting away here in the studio, but we did enjoy seeing what each day brought to us in the way of wildflower blossoms throughout our gardens. And many surprises there were, as the natural world is finally awakening, and the forest is coming alive! The trees appear to be coming closer to the house each day, and the world outside is looking three-dimensional once again. We’ve enjoyed several days of sunshine, and a bit of rain, which brought cold temperatures once again, reaching down into the 30s at night! Other than painting and enjoying our flowers currently blooming, we’ve enjoyed walks and a couple of bike rides around town. We also had a fun evening playing Mexican Train dominoes with friends here at our house.

Yellow Trillium
A lovely grouping of Yellow Trillium blooming in our yard

pink phlox
The gorgeous bright pink phlox blooming in our front yard

Black Swallowtail
A beautiful Black Swallowtail enjoys a bit to drink

Friday evening we enjoyed a concert at our local Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center, featuring Four Leaf Peat, a band comprised of four men, who are very talented musicians, playing traditional Irish-style music. Only the hardy came out for the concert, as it was quite cold when it began at 7PM, and during the intermission half of the attendees decided they were no longer hardy, when the temps dropped down in the low 50s! Nonetheless, we were two of the hardy ones who stayed to enjoy the rest of this great and entertaining performance! Humans weren’t the only ones to enjoy this Friday night out on the town, as throughout the concert several different birds, and at times flocks of birds, came by to see what was happening. One of the most entertaining was a beautiful pair of Pigeons, who flew down and landed nearby, both sitting and facing the stage. At that point the band began singing a beautiful love ballad, to which the Pigeon couple reacted by staging a graceful courtship ritual while gently preening each other. They looked like a couple dressed in their finest, out enjoying a Friday date night at the concert. However, the best part came a few minutes later, when two of the band members started singing a duet in Acapella. The one pigeon obviously a big fan of this style of singing flew down even closer and started “cooing” along with the singers on stage! What a precious performance that was! The participation of birds in the concert was far from over though, as several songs later, the band began playing a fast-beat reel, at which time a Starling which was sitting on the pinnacle of the building behind them nearby, began pumping its little wings up and down . . . in timing with the beat no less, appearing as if he were doing jumping jacks, without jumping, all the while singing his little heart out! As soon as the song ended, he ended this energetic and amazing performance, and flew off! Wow . . . what a great concert, by the band and the birds!

bee eating out of a flower
A bee enjoys drinking from the brightly colored Azalea

bee eating out of a flower
A bee enjoys some delicious nectar

Rue Anemone photo
Rue Anemone in our front yard

Yesterday, we enjoyed the evening at friends house while celebrating our dear friend Fred’s birthday. It was a lovely evening, and I must admit one of the highlights was eating the birthday cake! We also enjoyed eating some Morel Mushrooms for supper one evening this past week.  Wes picked them, I sliced them up and sauteed them in a little butter, and Mmmmmm . . . they were delicious!  Another interesting encounter this past week comprised of one of our resident Song Sparrows, spending a morning trying to figure out how to get into the living room, as he must’ve thought the Croton plant looked like a perfect nesting site! This past week also treated us with seeing our resident Black Snakes, Sweet Pea and Vicious for the first time this spring!  They obviously have kept their “friendly” nature throughout the winter, as the one acted like a big bad rattler when we just stopped to admire it, rearing its head up, and shaking its tail in the leaves, making it sound like it had a hundred rattles on the end!  While only one was spotted at first, soon afterwards , the other joined it, and I suspect well have baby black snakes in the front yard in the near future.

song sparrow photo
Song Sparrow checking out the Croton

black snake
Either Sweet Pea or Vicious giving me the eye



Currently On Our Easels: I’m currently working on my sketch for the upcoming Western Visions Miniatures and More show at the National Wildlife Museum this fall and Wes is painting a seagull in the surf that we photographed in Mexico.

Bonheur’s ‘Ploughing in Nivernais
“Admiring Bonheur’s ‘Ploughing in Nivernais’” by Rachelle
~ 2 ½ x 4 ½ inches

elk painting miniature
“Bugling Bull Elk” by Wes
~ 3½ x 4½ inches

cat portrait
“Don’s Boys” by Rachelle
~ 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches

cartoon drawing of a chef
A cartoon birthday card that Wes drew for our dear friend Fred’s birthday

~ Come See Our Paintings This Week ~

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~ Painting America Invitational Art Show

April 23 – June 22, 2013: Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN


~ The Society of Animal Artists’ Show and Sale at the 2013 Ward World Championship

Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival

April 26-28, 2013: The Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD



Until June 2 at the Museum Of The Gulf Coast, Port Arthur, TX

~ The Sea of Cortez Produced by David J. Wagner

Until June 2nd at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

To view all our upcoming exhibits:



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Until next time ~ Rachelle


5 thoughts on “Flowers . . . Birds . . . Bees and Music!

  1. Wes and Rachelle-
    What kind snake was that? Most of the time they stay flat. The ones I see anyway. Garden snakes. Very good image!!!

    The flowers are doing there thing!! We have lots of white Trilliums. We are going our garden thing too. Weeds are having a good time!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi Jim,
      It is a Black Snake, and the two of them have been our resident Black Snakes for about four years now! Thank you, Sweet Pea was pretty cooperative about having her photo taken. Yes, the flowers are really starting to show off, and doing a wonderfully beautiful job of it! Enjoy your spring flowers too!!
      Rachelle 🙂

  2. Susan Lyons

    I love this blog entry Rachelle! I feel like I was right there with you at the Four Leaf Pete concert! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. I also love your yard and the lavish beauty of nature all around you. Anxious to see you both ……soon! Susan _____

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! That really was special watching the birds at the concert, so I was happy to share it! Yes, we’re really enjoying the beauty of spring surrounding us!! We are really looking forward to seeing you both soon as well, and we’ll certainly bring the Mexican Train game with us 🙂

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