Happy Memorial Day!

Townsend city park
A lazy afternoon in Townsend, although it looks like a group therapy session!

Well, it’s been kind of laid back here this past week, as we’ve just been hanging out around the house while mostly painting, and we’ve enjoyed our bike rides almost daily as well. The most exciting happening during the past week, was our neighborhood Memorial Day party last Monday. We all met at the city park located near our neighborhood, about 1 PM. Everyone brought lots of yummy food, with the highlight being the homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream that the Hedricks, who own the Highland Manor Inn at the bottom of our mountain, graciously brought once again this year! It went perfectly with the delicious birthday cake our neighbor Lorraine, made for her husband Ron’s birthday and I decorated it for her. I had lots of fun decorating it in a festive red icing and wrote Happy Birthday really big, and Ron really small, just to be a bit aggravating . . . but hey, what can one expect for free services . . . Ha! Anyway, we all had a great time filled with lots of laughing and conversation, and of course eating!

Rachelle Siegrist
I’m showing Lorraine how it’s done, notice the extreme look of concentration . . . ha!
Townsend city park
Ron and I block the wind from his candles, so he can blow them out!
Townsend city park
The eating frenzy is over and now it’s resting time
Townsend city park
Wes’ exciting conversation obviously put poor Paul to sleep!

Wes has been working in the garden daily, and we’re delighted to see things finally starting to grow! The Mulberry tree is full of berries as well, with many now getting good and ripe. So as you can imagine, I’ve spent quite a bit of time out picking berries up off of the ground, which my critter friends graciously knock down for me. I’ve also been dragging out a step stool and standing on it to pick the ripe berries which I can reach. Now that even more of them are getting ripe, next I plan to drag the ladder out, and climb up into the tree, while eating as many of those delectable little berries that I can reach! I love sitting on the back porch and watching the squirrels climbing, swinging and jumping their way around the tree, while searching for and eating the berries. They put on a far better show than a three-ring circus! The birds love it just as much as if not more than the squirrels, and easily fly about the tree eating their share too. While I was sitting out on the porch last evening enjoying this show, Tinymouse, my little Tufted Titmouse friend, came and sat on my head for a bit, while redoing my hair-do! That’s always a treat, although my hair style doesn’t think so as much. . . Ha!

mulberry photo
Mmmmmm . . . mulberries!

We also enjoyed a fun evening this past week while playing Mexican Train dominoes at our friends, Fred and Barb’s house, along with our other friend Sammie. We all did more laughing than anything, which is the usual with that group! We also enjoyed eating Fred’s beautiful and delicious lime and lemon cake . . . Mmmmmm! Barb is presently in a cast, as she broke her foot a few weeks ago now. Before that she broke her arm, so she has to be moved around outside in a wheelchair, and Wes loves pushing her fast, making her do wheelies, go down the stairs backwards and other adventurous wheel chair stunts which I think Barb is not as fond of, but gives the rest of us a bunch of laughs!

wes and rachelle siegrist with friends
Laughing and laughing . . . but of course . . . what else!
Wes with Barb in wheelchair
Hold on tight there Barb!

Fresh off the easel ~ I finished my miniature still life painting of my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, which my granny sweetly had made for me when I was a little girl. As you can imagine they’re quite special to me, and so they made for a fun painting! Also this past week, Wes finished his painting of a Side-Blotched Lizard.

still life painting of dolls
“My Beloved Raggedy Ann and Andy” by Rachelle
lizard painting
“Sonoran Sunbather” by Wes

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In light of this past Memorial Day . . . Many thanks to those of you who serve or have served in the past for our country!

Until next time ~ Rachelle




2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Hi Beth,
      Well thank you, I’m happy you found it peaceful! I always feel like we need a happy place to visit, with all of the bad things that seem to be happening around us at at times.
      Rachelle 🙂

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