Attending the Artistic Designs Miniature Fine Art Show Opening

the artists at the 2013 opening
L to R ~ Tim, Char, Sandra, Wes, Rachelle, ?, Terri, John and Penny

This past Thursday, Wes and I left Townsend, and drove to Jeffersonville, IN to where his parents live. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and eating dinner together that evening. After lunch on Friday, we left and drove two hours north to Brownsburg, IN, where we arrived at the Artistic Designs Gallery in time to judge the miniature show before the opening that evening. The opening was well attended and it was standing room only when Wes began his lecture on the history of miniature art. Many of the attendees complimented Wes on how very interesting his talk was, and how much they enjoyed it! Several artists drove a couple of hours or more to attend the opening as well as our demonstration and/or workshop the next day. It was the first time we had ever met a few of them, and it was indeed a pleasure getting to talk with them that evening and during the next day!


The next morning we were at the gallery bright and early, ready for a day of painting adventure! During the morning hours we demonstrated for all attending, and answered questions as well as Wes giving out lots of information about our painting techniques. After enjoying a nice lunch with a few of the students, we spent the afternoon teaching a workshop. That evening it was time to say our goodbyes to everyone and “Thank you’s” to gallery owners, Lee and Laura, and begin driving the two-hour trip back to southern Indiana, to Wes’ parents home.

wes lecture at artistc design
Wes giving his lecture during the opening that evening
artistic designs art gallery
A wall featuring some of our miniature paintings on display

We arrived at Wes’ parent’s home that evening in time to enjoy a nice walk with them both  We walked some distance to feed carrots and apples to the neighborhood horses, which is always a highlight for me! I was also quite happy that they were babysitting Wes’ brother Greg’s dog, Zeus, as I really enjoy walking him, and it gave me an excuse to go for lots of walks throughout the weekend! The next afternoon, Wes’ two brothers and their families came over to spend some time and grab a bite to eat. Wes’ niece Caroline, and I played beauty shop, and worked on her American Girl dolls’ hairstyles. That evening, most of us went to eat pizza at a local favorite, Tony Boombozz Pizzeria, and to see Despicable Me II at the theater. The next morning, I gave Wes’ dad and mom a haircut, and after lunch I rolled his mom’s hair for a permanent. It was then time to say goodbye and drive back to Townsend. It was a beautiful drive and lots of hungry birdies, as well as a blooming orchid welcomed us home! Today, we’ve spent catching up on business stuff and working in the yard, including me planting some pretty ferns and a holly tree which George kindly dug up for me out of their yard.

Tony Boombozz Pizzeria in Louisville
Wes and Caroline at Boombozz Pizzeria in Louisville
photo of a blue jay
B.J. finally enjoys taking a sunbath after many days of no sun!
orchid bloom photo
A gorgeous bloom on one of the orchids I saved from the garbage in Charleston, SC during the SEWE show
spanish moss
My beautiful Spanish Moss, which my dad graciously got for me when we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago


Fresh off the easel ~ I finished my miniature painting of two beautiful Flamingos during a courtship ritual.

Wes finished his miniature landscape painting of Nacapule Canyon in Mexico. I’m currently painting on a commission.

flamingo painting
“An Elegant Courtship” by Rachelle


Miniature Landscape Painting by Wes Siegrist
“Lost In Awe In The Canyon”  by Wes

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Trailside Galleries, Jackson, WY


~ 52nd Society of Animal Artists “Art & the Animal” Exhibition Tour

Charles H. MacNider Art Museum, Mason City, IA

Society of Animal Artist tour
That’s my miniature painting at the right



To view all our upcoming exhibits:


 Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us!

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Until next time ~ Rachelle


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