Getting Back To Our Painting Easels!

wes siegrist grilling outdoors
Wes grilling our yummy supper!

This has been an interesting week for us, as we’ve finally got caught up on business related jobs, as well as other jobs, after being gone much of the past few weeks. We’re also happy to be back at the easels, painting once again! Wes works daily in the garden, and although it is not doing as well this year due to the recent wet, gray weather, is still giving us a few tomatoes, beans and peppers each week. Personally, I have been thrilled to be back on the bikes again, after having to wait several weeks, while Wes’ side healed from our tubing spill! We also enjoyed grilling out one evening this past week, topping our grill with delicacies such as marinated portabella mushrooms, peppers and fresh corn on the cob. It was a yummy supper to say the least, and we topped it off with delicious chocolatey s’mores . . . but of course!

garden plant
Wes in his garden

Several things are blooming in the yard presently, adding a touch of color to the green landscape. This makes our daily walk through the gardens even more inviting! To our excitement, the Bluebirds are nesting in our yard once again! Since we had been gone and unable to order live meal worms, plus the fact that the last time we ordered them, they were delivered to the wrong address, and by the time we received them, they were dead, we decided to try the dried ones this time. So off to one of my favorite stores we went . . . Tractor Supply, where we bought a bucket of the crunchy little treats! Deciding that soft ones would be more suitable for the babies, I have been reconstituting them with very hot water and storing them in the fridge, while placing them in their little feeding dish numerous times throughout the day. This method seems to be working very well, as mommy and daddy Blues, come right away and carry mouthfuls of the soft wormy treats to feed the babies, as well as enjoying eating a few of them themselves! Peedeepeeps, my Carolina Wren, has another group of babies which he and his mate, Elvira, bring to the porch daily for handouts of peanut crunchy treats. Oh, how I love it when the yard is full of baby birds!

female blue bird photo
Mommy Blues with a beak stuffed full!

gladiola photo
A grouping of my gorgeous Gladiola blossoms

hydrangea bloom
A close up of one of my beautiful Hydrangea Blooms

Another evening this past week, we enjoyed playing Mexican Train dominoes at our friends Fred and Barb’s house, along with dear friends, Bill and Darlene, who are up from Florida.  It was a time filled with lots of laughter and of course eating!  Fred made another delicious cake, and topped it with something very special!  Sprinkles that were brightly colored dinosaurs, which he had found this past week, and bought since he knows I love dinosaurs!  What a perfect topper for a delicious cake! Moreover, I actually won the game too!


mexican train dominoes
Darlene, me, Wes, Bill and Barb


cake with dinasaurs
A close up of Fred’s delicious cake with the little dinosaur sprinkles


One morning this past week, Wes and I enjoyed a lovely visit from a nice gentleman to ask Wes about a couple of historic miniatures that he had inherited from a family member. He was delighted that Wes was able to give him some help and additional information about the paintings. They were two portraits of children that had been painted by Bertha Coolidge and exhibited at the 20th Annual Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters in 1921.  Learning that he was an avid Trout fisherman, and worked with our local Trout-Fest, I of course had to show him the photo of my recent prized trout I caught!


~Email . . . when it works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, it’s not good!  And ours hasn’t been working for the past few days. So, since we are currently experiencing these email problems, and are not getting back to you right away, please call us if needed at . . . 865-448-2044


Fresh off the easel ~ Wes finished his calf painting that he started as a demonstration during the Artistic Designs Gallery Workshop earlier this month. I’m currently working on a commission featuring one of Renoir’s paintings, with me looking at it. I will continue painting on my miniature landscape painting of Yosemite, after I finish my commission, but am sharing the in progress version of it with you. Wes is currently painting on a miniature landscape scene of turkeys in the snow, in Cades Cove. I personally think he’s trying to help himself stay cool!

ayrshire cow painting
“Lil’ Ayrshire” by Wes

painting of yosemite
My landscape painting of Yosemite in progress



~ Masters in Miniature Invitational Show


Trailside Galleries, Jackson, WY

~ although two of our miniature paintings have already sold, there are two more available for purchase through the gallery until July 28th.  Here are the two paintings still available . . .

miniature cow painting
“An Affectionate Nuzzle “ by Rachelle

painting of a bison
“Resting Bison” by Wes




~ To view all our upcoming exhibits: ~






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Until next time ~ Rachelle



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