Wearing Out Our Brushes!

hummingbird with obedient plant flower
One of our gorgeous resident Ruby-throats!

After last week’s adventures and excitement, this week has been a bit rather . . . shall we say . . . boring. The weather has also been quite humid and warm, making it not very pleasant to adventure outside as much. Nonetheless, we’ve gotten a lot of painting time in during the week! I also have been enjoying my “pool time” in the afternoons, while relaxing and reading another one of my “Cat Who” books! One afternoon for a refreshing snack for Wes and I, I made a childhood favorite! Fill a blender with frozen strawberries and add enough orange juice to blend it into a thick and slushy smoothie . . . and voila’ . . . you have one of the most delicious fruit smoothies of all time! One, which my cousin’s mother use to make for us as young girls, and with our prized drink carefully poured into a thermos, to keep it cold, we would slowly meander through the cow pasture until we reached a lovely creek, besides which we always enjoyed our picnic lunches and of course our delicious strawberry smoothies! Isn’t it funny how something so simple, such as a fruit smoothie can instantly transport you back to those delightful lazy days of your childhood summers, when the day seemed to last forever, as you enjoyed blue skies above filled with billowy white clouds, accompanied by a nice summer breeze! Great memories they are indeed!!!

obedient plant flowers
The lovely blooms on our Obedient Plants

Even though the days are warm, the mornings are still quite pleasant for enjoying my breakfasts on the back porch. Stubbs, my Titmouse friend, and Peedeepeeps, my Carolina Wren friend, almost always accompany me, for part of it anyway. I now have to put out two bowls of peanut crunchies, so they will peacefully eat side by side, each thankful they don’t have to share! While Peedeepeeps is quite a dainty diner, Stubbs approaches his bowl gustily, tossing out the peanuts that do not suit his taste, sending them flying all over the place and sometimes making quite a mess! He eats and eats, until full, at which time he searches for the biggest peanut, carefully gets it placed in his partly missing beak and flies off with what I call . . . ”One for the road!” Somehow their visits never cease to delight me!! We also enjoyed a visit from our resident baby turtle this past week, which Wes spotted, and told me about. So I quickly dashed down to the basement and returned with a grape tomato to feed our little friend!

baby turtle photo
Our precious little turtle by her grape tomato treat

A couple of days ago, we received a package in the mail which was marked “Perishable”. Knowing it was coming, Wes had led me to believe it was a plant, since it was coming from the Virginia Native Plant Society, as a thank you gift for leading their delightful group on a couple of hikes, and opening our studio and gardens to them. Even though a plant would’ve been great, imagine my sheer delight after opening the box, and discovering that it was from Baylee’s Best Chocolates in Roanoke, VA, filled with handmade chocolates! It also contained two beautiful pottery mugs with the plant society’s lovely logo on the front. They were even more beautiful however, when I discovered that they too were filled with the scrumptious chocolates! Wes and I have already enjoyed several pieces, and two of my favorites so far, are one that was dark chocolate filled with a soft smooth caramel and topped with a wee bit of sea salt, while the other was also dark chocolate and filled with a luscious filling that tasted like red-hots! Talk about a party in your mouth!!! Thanks so very much to this wonderful society for such an incredibly enjoyable gift!

handmade chocolates
What a beautiful gift . . .
handmade chocolates
Mmmmmm . . . . even better!!!

I thought it might be of interest to you, for me to share a couple of fun facts about our business. First one being, this is the time of year, in which we paint most of our new inventory for the upcoming season of exhibitions. The next being, that including the paintings currently on display with our tour, EXQUISITE MINIATURES, we typically have over 100 paintings out on display each month spread out all over the United States. This week we have paintings exhibited in Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming!

Fresh off the easel ~ We’ve managed to finish several paintings this past week that I’m sharing below. Somehow we overlooked featuring Wes’ pigeon painting when he finished it so I’m showing it this week too.
I’m currently still working on a secret commission as well as a floral still life while Wes is painting a Glossy Ibis.

male peacock fine art miniature painting
“Plantation Charmer “ by Rachelle
lion fine art miniature painting
“A Monarch of Africa” by Wes
tom turkey fine art miniature painting
“It Takes A Lot To Impress A Girl” by Wes
pigeon miniature fine art painting
“Park Patrons At Plaza de Armas “ by Wes

To view all our upcoming exhibits visit ~  http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html

Have a loved one or a beloved pet you would like captured in miniature? Contact and commission us!
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Until next time ~ Rachelle

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