An Exciting Week in Wisconsin for Our Exhibition Opening!

wes and rachelle siegrist at the Kenosha Public museum
Wes and I in front of part of our exhibition in Kenosha

We left very early last Friday morning for the airport, where we boarded a plane and headed for Chicago. There we were met by Nancy Mathews from the Kenosha Public Museum, who picked us up and drove us to the museum in Kenosha, WI. It’s a gorgeous museum and we enjoyed getting a sneak peek of our exhibition before the opening that evening, which was beautifully displayed! Later that afternoon, we enjoyed walking down by Lake Michigan, while watching the Salmon jumping out of the water all over, and the numerous fisherman all trying to entice one their way! We walked out to the lovely red-colored, Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse, to get a photo of it, as well as some of the Seagulls nearby. It was quite windy and cold, so it was a short sightseeing walk!

north pier lighthouse in kenosha
A very cold me standing by the lovely North Pier Lighthouse in Kenosha
exhibition at kenosha public museum
In front of the beautiful museum

Before the opening that evening, we arrived at the museum early enough to enjoy seeing the other interesting exhibits displayed there, and of course the dinosaur was one of my favorites! During the opening for our exhibition that evening, we enjoyed talking with everyone, as well as eating the delicious assortment of hors d’oeuvres, all while enjoying the stunning view of the lake from the large glass windows in the second story! The next morning we taught a three-hour workshop, while enjoying getting to know those that were taking the class. Afterwards, we went for a walk in the brisk air, to the downtown area to grab lunch, where we enjoyed watching the orange trolly “dressed” like a jack-o-lantern go by while we ate. That afternoon, Wes gave a lecture on the history of miniature art in the lovely lecture hall at the museum, answering many questions at the conclusion of the talk. Then it was time to say our goodbyes to the friendly museum staff, and take our journey to Milwaukee with our friend and Curator, Dave Wagner, who had come to pick us up at the museum.

Velociraptor statue
Looking at the Velociraptor in the museum . . . my favorite!

fine miniature art exhibition

~ Two wonderful views of our Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition ~

fine art exhibition at kenosha public museum

We arrived at Dave and Neli’s condo, in downtown Milwaukee, in time to enjoy some of Neli’s delicious homemade Bulgarian food for dinner that evening. Afterwards Dave took Wes and I to a concert at the University of Milwaukee, where we enjoyed listening to Rome guitarist Pino Forastiere play! It was a most delightful concert and we were totally impressed, never having seen anyone quite play like him. Needless to say, it was a truly delightful experience! That night Wes and I spent at a nearby Irish Inn called the County Clare. It was most beautiful, and we enjoyed a delicious traditional Irish breakfast the next morning in the restaurant, lined with beautiful stained glass windows, placed above large glass windows, offering a nice view of the surrounding tree lined street. Later that morning, the five of us enjoyed a nice relaxing walk down to the lake’s edge, to play with Niki on a playground, where we swung on swings and went down the slides. It was a pleasant morning and most of the trees were still dressed in their autumn finest! After lunch, Dave, Wes and I went to Discovery World, where we got to see an aquarium with Lake Michigan fish in it and I got to pet a Sturgeon, which was most cool! Leaving there, we walked over to the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum, where they have a special exhibition of paintings by the artist Thomas Sully on display. It was delightful to see his numerous portraits being shown, and I quickly picked out my couple of favorites! Leaving Sully’s paintings, we enjoyed walking through the remaining museum exhibitions, with another favorite being a room with red walls which were filled, from top to bottom, with paintings from several of our favorite old masters! It was a visual feast to say the least! Afterwards Dave drove us around downtown Milwaukee, while giving us a tour of important and interesting places.

milwaukee art museum image
In front of the stunning Milwaukee Art Museum . . . I LOVED this building!
milwaukee art museum sculptures
Me with the large “glitter” sculptures behind
image of auguste rodin the kiss
Wes and I strike the pose in Rodin’s “The Kiss”

That evening we enjoyed another wonderful meal consisting of Neli’s delicious Bulgarian-style food. Afterwards, we sat around in their living room and played our own little concert featuring Niki’s favorite folk songs. The next morning after breakfast, Wes, Dave, Niki and I headed down to the Milwaukee Public Museum where we enjoyed seeing lots of interesting things such as the butterfly enclosure. After Dave and Niki left, Wes and I remained at the museum for much of the day walking through and enjoying the numerous and wonderful exhibits they have there. Other than the dinosaurs, one of my favorite things was walking through the European Village. Later that afternoon Dave returned to pick us up, then we did a little more sightseeing around town, including visiting a beautiful historical Polish Church and getting a delicious chocolate frozen custard. I learned that afternoon that there definitely is a difference between frozen ice cream and frozen custard! That evening after dinner, Wes, Dave Niki and I walked over to the Wisconsin Music Conservancy nearby. It’s housed in a gorgeous historical home filled with rooms, some housing beautiful grand pianos. While in one such lovely room, Niki and I waltzed, while Dave filled the air with sounds of Bach! Then we enjoyed spending time in the children’s room playing various instruments with Niki, and after awhile I left the boys to go play one of the grand pianos, which was a real treat for me!

T-rex image
Oh boy . . . more dinosaurs . . . and a T-Rex at that!
european village in the public museum
In the delightful European Village
wisconsin music conservancy image
Niki and I waltzing, while Dave plays a bit of Bach
wisconsin concervancy of music
We be jammin’ big time!!!

Tuesday was our last day in Milwaukee, so we spent the morning at the Milwaukee Domes, featuring three large domes . . . the desert, the tropical and the floral show dome. It was a most interesting visit, as they were filled with numerous, beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs and cacti, and moreover, it was warm inside! After enjoying our last lunch together, we said our goodbyes and Dave drove us to the Milwaukee airport, where we began our journey back home. We got back late last night and have been catching up ever since!  Many thanks to Nancy and the wonderful staff at the Kenosha Public Museum, for our fabulous looking exhibition and to Dave and Neli for such a grand time in Milwaukee!!!

historical polish ccurch in milwaukee
Dave and I stand amidst the gorgeous interior of the Basilica of St. Josaphat, a Polish immigrant parish in the Historic South Side of Milwaukee
Wes siegrist and dave wagner
Wes, Niki and Dave playing wonderful music!
wes siegrist drawing
Wes draws while Niki intently watches
rachelle siegrist in milwaukee
Out for a walk . . . Niki, Neli, me and Dave

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