AH . . . Can’t You Just Feel It!

rachelle siegrist at the beach

Have you ever seen the movie “Ground Hog Day”? Well, it’s about a man who wakes up, and every day is the same thing over and over and over again! Well, this past week has been kind of like that here in the Smokies, especially weather-wise! Every day has been . . . cold and windy . . . cold and windy . . . cold and windy! Moreover, last week I was sick, and now this week Wes is sick, making it somehow seem even colder. Needless to say, during these long, cold winter days, my mind tends to travel to a place where it’s . . . well . . . nice and warm!

That place is the beach where I spent a lot of time, while growing up in Florida! All I have to do is close my eyes and imagine that I’ve just stepped off of the long boardwalk leading down to the sandy beach below, and the anticipation starts growing immensely! Then, as I reach the end and take my first step into the warm, white sand, I suddenly realize that my feet are surrounded by warmth, and oh, it simply feels divine! I can hear the crashing of the waves nearby and the cries of the Seagulls flying overhead. Within minutes my blanket is spread out and I’m lying there, without a care in the world, while the warmth of the sun makes my skin feel ever so alive! Every square inch feels so amazingly warm, and without the aid of a myriad of sweaters, gloves and hats mind you! The steady crashing of the surf, with the carefree calls of the gulls joining in, quickly mesmerizes me! I just enjoy lying there, while feeling the warm, balmy breeze that occasionally passes over me, gently caressing my hair, and tossing it about. Once I’ve sufficiently warmed up and thawed out, it’s time to head for the water. So with boogie board in hand, I start towards the water’s edge while admiring the beauty of the intense sunlight glistening off of the turquoise surface of the water and upon stepping into it, am delighted to feel that it is nice and warm! Within seconds, I am down in it, and blissfully free as I float about and begin to swim out a short distance. Suddenly a great magical wave appears and I jump on my board just at the right time, and am carried swiftly along like a bird flying through the sky! Then all of a sudden, just as I’m just about to reach the hot sandy beach after a thrilling ride, I have a cold chill, and am suddenly jerked back into reality, realizing that alas I am not at the beach, but back in winter, at least for now.

Italian Angel cream cake
Mmmmm . . . my Italian Angel Cream Cake!

One thing that can be done to warm up the house in these cold winter months, is to bake something. So I did just that, and made what I call an “Italian Angel Cream cake”. I made an angel food cake, adding some vanilla and coconut flakes to it, and the topped it off with homemade frosting, that being the traditional sinfully, decadent Italian cream cake frosting! And it was absolutely delicious, minus a few calories and grams of fat, which makes it even more appealing I must say!

~Fresh off the easel ~

I finished my miniature Florida landscape painting, and Wes finished his miniature painting this past week of a Ruby-throat Hummingbird drinking from our Trumpet Vine.  You can see several photos of my painting in progress on our Facebook page.

Florida landscape painting
“Evening Fisherman” by Rachelle
Ruby-throated Hummingbird painting miniature
“Trumpet Treat” by Wes

~ Currently on the easel ~

I’m painting two more cow portraits for my “Beautiful Bovine” series. The beauties are two Highland Cows, which we photographed while visiting the lovely Wooloroc Museum in Oklahoma.  Wes has been framing paintings for our upcoming show in Charleston, SC.

We have several special opportunities this week for you to see our paintings and tell your friends about. More information and additional shows are on the website!

BACTRACOLOGY: Amphibians In Art at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art, Midland, MI
Show runs January 18 – April 13
Wes and Rachelle Siegrist miniature paintings in the Batrachology show

Come see the artwork in person at our exhibitions!

Cherish your loved one or a beloved pet in miniature!

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Until next time ~ Rachelle


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