Getting Ready For The NatureWorks Art Show & Sale!

I heard the Spring Peepers for the first time today! Their joyous song filling the air, heralding the hope of spring! Moreover, I saw the first Daffodil blossom today, the delicate, bright, yellow petals, appearing as pure concentrated sunlight. Even more amazing, is the fact that a pair of doves are already building a nest in the evergreen outside our bedroom. Do they all know something that we don’t? Is spring closer than we think? Well, let’s certainly hope so! Wes and I enjoyed a bike ride on the Townsend Bicycle Trail this afternoon. It was a lovely ride, with clear blue skies above and the warmth of the sun enlivening our skin the entire way! While riding alongside the Little River where it draws near to the path at one point, we noticed a group of eight Hooded Mergansers which we had watched the day before, happily floating on the water’s surface, occasionally diving under the swift moving water to catch a bite to eat, before bobbing back up to the surface. I felt as if I were one of them, riding there alongside them, as they bobbed up and down, bouncing over the rapids, at a pretty good rate of speed. Up and down they went, and we stayed tandem for a minute before they stopped to do a little more fishing. I had to leave them. Not surprisingly, the bike path was being well used today, and there seemed to be more birds about, filling the air with their delightful spring songs!

rachelle siegrist and kit gentry eating dessert
Barb, Fred, Kit and I anxiously await the first bite of cake!

This past Wednesday evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at our neighbor friends Beverly and Avery’s house, along with friends Jim and Uschi. As it always is at Beverly’s house, the food was delicious, and there were more laughs to go around than we could almost all stand! And oh yea . . . the boys won Canasta. But who knows, maybe we girls let them.

Friday evening, we were finally able to have our much awaited lasagna dinner at our house, with friends Fred, Barb, and Kit. We had been trying to get together for the past month and half, but with us being sick for a couple of weeks, then with different ones traveling, well, it just wasn’t working out. However, we all thought that my homemade lasagna was so delicious, that perhaps from now on, we’ll let it “age” . . . ha ha! We finished the evening’s meal with a piece of my red velvet cake, with cream cheese frosting, topped with finely chopped chocolate, all sitting atop some chocolate drizzle . . . Can you say yum? Of course as always, I removed all of the calories, so we could really enjoy it! We spent the rest of the evening watching a couple of episodes of “Extreme Cheapskates” and then Wes told animated stories from our adventures in Charleston weekend before last, while there for SEWE.

power smoothie
Yes . . . carrots are good for your eyes, and with us painting miniatures, our eyes are of most importance to us! So I juice carrots along with an apple and a couple of celery sticks, for us to drink . . . yum!

We’ve been very busy painting miniatures this past week, as well as doing paperwork, last minute framing, and other jobs that need to be done before heading to Tulsa, OK, for the upcoming NatureWorks Art Show this next weekend. NatureWorks is a beautiful show, run by a wonderful and great group of people, and is always such a pleasure to be part of! We will be debuting several new miniature paintings, and most of the other miniatures will be new to that show as well.

I am absolutely delighted to be able to share several photos with you from our EXQUISITE MINIATURES exhibition at the beautiful Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO! It’s a gorgeous museum and an amazing place to visit, so if you are, or will be in the area, I highly suggest a visit to this gem! Our miniature paintings will be on display there until April 6th.  So sit back and enjoy this virtual tour . . .

miniature paintings at the wildlife experience 2

miniature paintings at the wildlife experience 3

miniature paintings at the wildlife experience 4

the wildlife experience 1

~ Fresh off the easel ~

I finished my miniature painting of a male bluebird who was nesting in a box, at our friends Fred and Barb’s house last year. Wes finished his miniature painting a male Bobwhite Quail this past week and it will debut, along with my male Bluebird painting at our upcoming show, NatureWorks, this coming weekend.

a miniature painting of a male bluebird
A male Bluebird painting titled “The Handsome Mr. Blue” by Rachelle
a miniature painting of a male bobwhite quail
A male Bobwhite Quail titled “Bob White” by Wes

I recently came across this short video on YouTube, and thought you too would enjoy watching this glimpse back a few years, as Wes and carver friend John Strutt, talk about the show and our art on the News 6 TV in Tulsa, OK:

Cherish your loved one or a beloved pet in miniature!

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Until next time ~ Rachelle

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