Birds and Blooms in the Smoky Mountains!

Birds and Blooms in the Smoky Mountains

By Rachelle Siegrist

wes and rachelle siegrist flower garden
Birds . . .blooms . . . and bees . . . the yard has been full of all three this past week! We awaken each morning to the delightful melodious sounds of the springtime chorus of birdsong. Thankfully, nature has awoken from its long winter’s nap, and trees have sprung to life, covered once again with tiny, little bright green leaves, and flowers are starting to bloom, filling the once barren landscape with glorious color!  The wildflowers in our own gardens are blooming beautifully this year and the Trillium have multiplied, creating the most stunning groupings here and there!

Sweet White Trillium
Sweet White Trillium
yellow trillium in rachelle siegrists yard
Yellow Trillium


We have enjoyed eating meals on the back porch, always being joined by several feathered friends, including the newest additions, the Wood Thrush and Brown Thrasher. Of course the regulars are still Peedeepeeps, looking for mealworm handouts, Stubbs eating her peanuts crunchies and Tinymouse who sits on my head, trying her hardest to collect some golden curls for her nest, obviously making mealtime most entertaining. We managed to get a video of her this week so everyone can see my new hairstylist at work! As a matter of fact she’s sitting on my head as I type!



wes and rachelle siegrist flower gardens
These  beauties were  a gift


I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather outside yesterday afternoon, so I painted out on the back porch. My Carolina Wren, Peedeepeeps, is feeding babies now, so he comes often for mealworms, thus making numerous visits while I was painting, and being quite curious, he had to check everything out while I painted. The hummingbird also visited several times throughout the day, and we’re thrilled that these flying jewels have returned to us once again!

rachelle siegrist longhorn cow painting in progress
My little artist friend


This has been a most active week for us socially! We celebrated our dear friend, Fred’s birthday while eating at a local Mexican restaurant, Monte Real, one night, and then again at friends Pat and Franks house another evening. We also enjoyed a visit from artist friend Danny and his wife Glenna. After meeting for lunch at Fred and Barb’s house, everyone came to our home to enjoy dessert on the porch, and to see our studio afterwards. Another evening we enjoyed a delicious fondue dinner party at Fred and Barb’s along with friends Sammie and Kit. The best part was the chocolate fondue of course! Friday evening Kit joined us, and we enjoyed seeing the Good Times Ceilidh Band at our Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center.

siegrist lunch with danny
Danny, Glenna, Wes, Fred and Barb

fondue party
Sammie, Kit, Wes, me and Barb


~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrist Easels ~

I finished my painting of a cat for the upcoming “Feline Fine II the Art of Cats” exhibition. Wes finished his small painting of a sheep for another upcoming show.

cat painting cat portrait
“This Seat’s Taken” 
sheep painting sheep portrait
“Warm and Fuzzy”


~ See the Siegrist’s Work in Person ~

Siegrist Miniature Paintings in 2014 Miniature Shows

~ Upcoming WEDNESDAY POST  . . . “Why Do You Paint So Tiny?” ~


2 thoughts on “Birds and Blooms in the Smoky Mountains!

  1. Don Weiser

    Very nice! Entire afternoon spent in the sunroom with the boys, the birds, and the squirrels. I have to say I love my life thanks to Beth who I owe almost everything to. I know I have many others to thank and I try to tell them every day. D

    From Don’s iPhone


    1. Hey Don,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you also got to enjoy a wonderful afternoon in your beautiful sunroom, along with the boys and other critter friends! I must say that we too are so very blessed, thanks to God, you and many others 🙂

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