Objects of Beauty

By Rachelle Siegrist

Miniature Paintings As Objects of Beauty

waterfall painting spruce flats falls

Objects of beauty . . . what may be beautiful to one person, appears totally ugly to another. It’s definitely a matter of personal taste, uniquely fitted to each individual. Wes and I consider many paintings objects of beauty, obviously being partial towards miniatures! I personally cannot imagine a home void of paintings. Special places created by paint, where one’s mind is allowed to wonder and imagine being there. Perhaps it’s a beautiful landscape where you can walk through fields of flowers or sit under a large shade tree, while looking out over a herd of cattle or flock of sheep. A painting of an old barn, that lets your mind imagine what stories it would tell. A beautiful bird or animal or a precious pet that you share or did share your life with, that holds a special place in your heart. Somehow miniature paintings seem to intensify this experience of imaginative travel, as you are drawn into their tiny intimate worlds, their own universe of sorts.

Birds As Objects of Beauty

bluejay gathering spanish mossB.J. gathers moss for his nest

male cardinal with birdhouseA male Cradinal near the Tufted Titmice nest box

mourning doves with azelea flowersThree Mourning Doves amongst Azelea blooms

Birds . . . what kind of world would this be without them? I personally cannot imagine that! Such an array of colors and sizes, each equipped with it’s own unique song. Filling the trees with a splash of red, yellow or blue, and the skies with assorted shaped silhouettes as they soar above. Watching a parent patiently trying to catch a bug to feed hungry babies, or tenderly share with its mate. Seeing the gorgeous red iridescent feathers of a Ruby-throated hummingbird, or listening to the melodious song of the Wood Thrush lingering in the heavy early morning or late evening air. Beauty, plain and simple, and free to those who’ll take time to enjoy them!

Flowers As Objects of Beauty

bearded iris bloomA Bearded Iris

dianthus flowersDianthus blossoms by our split rail fence

wild geranium bloomAn iridescent fly works a Wild Geranium blossom

Flowers . . . they fill our world with so much color! From the cool purplish blues of Virginia Bluebells to the warm yellows of happy-faced Pansies, each one unique in its own way, filling our gardens and our world with such vibrant life! From a field of large-headed, golden-petaled sunflowers to the single, vibrant red of a miniature rose, each serving its unique purpose while creating beauty for us to enjoy! What a delightful treat it is, to take the time to walk through one’s flower gardens, admiring the vast array of colors represented in assorted shaped and sized blossoms, while listening to natures symphony composed of birdsong, crickets and the occasional bee or hummingbird buzzing by . . . this is truly an experience of beauty!

The Latest Painting From the Siegrist’s Easel

Wes finished his painting of an adorable otter playfully floating on it’s back, while I’m still painting on a Longhorn Steer.

Otter painting by Wes Siegrist“The Backstroke Made Easy”

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