Wonderful Mothers and Music!

Happy Mother’s Day!

baby rachelle siegrist and her motherI love this beautiful photo of my mom feeding me . . . looking so young and as if she’s saying . . .

“Is this what I do with this thing?”

Mothers . . . we all have, or have had one in our lives. They play such a special and important role, and I myself have been truly blessed with a wonderful mom . . . the best one ever! I have a wonderful mother-n-law as well, so I’m doubly blessed! I share so many happy memories with my mom, and Wes’ mom too! I’m sure a big reason I grew up to be an artist, was my mom’s willingness to spend countless hours, patiently sitting at the table, coloring and drawing with me. Moreover, she graciously put up with me telling her countless times “To stay in the lines”. I guess I had an eye for detail beginning at an early age, and it must be a big reason why I enjoy painting miniatures so much. My mom being very creative, also painted ceramics when I was young, and I was always thrilled when I too got to choose a piece to paint and have fired! Through the years, she and I have enjoyed doing crafts together and she taught me how to sew, which grew into my love for designing and making many of my own clothes as a teenager. So obviously I owe much of my creative talent as an artist to her . . . Thanks Mom!!!

rachelle siegrist and mom in winterMom and I bundled up!

rachelle siegrist at wesner baldAtop the world!

Rachelle Siegrist on the foothills parkwayAlong the Foothills Parkway

rachelle siegrist with sister and motherAt Highlands Hammock with mom and sister Hayley

We have mostly stayed in the studio this past week, while also enjoying daily bike rides. The weather has been beautiful and our blossoming gardens are thriving with the recent rain. We enjoyed attending a concert Friday evening, featuring Acoustic Eidolon.  Joe plays numerous guitars, including a double-necked guitar he had specially built, while his wife Hannah plays a cello. Loving the cello, my love grew even more, upon seeing it played up front and center! The audience sat mesmerized, treated to one melodious song after another, then as the sun set, with an American Robin cheerily singing nearby, the bow gently caressed the strings, and the beautiful sounds of Ave Maria poured from the cello, filling the heavy night air.  As it slowly drifted off into the surrounding mountains, Hannah said “These beautiful mountains deserve music like that!”  I couldn’t agree more!  The duo concluded with the beautiful  “Ashokan Farewell” made popular by Ken Burns Civil War documentary.

wes and rachelle siegrist at art showOur Moms with us at an art show

wes siegrist artistEnjoying the snow!

wes siegrist with little brothersWes and Greg look on in disbelief at new brother!

young wes siegrist in the smokiesWes with his brother and mom here in the Smokies

 The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels

Wes finished his miniature of a waterfall while I was painting on my bigger Bison painting.  I’ve almost completed my Long Horn Steer painting as well.

 Longhorn painting

waterfall painting

We’re thrilled that our two paintings have been accepted into the SAA Exhibition!!

Siegrist miniature paintings in the SAA 54th Exhibition

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