A Visit With Wes’ family!

Visiting Wes’ Family

By Rachelle Siegrist

cananda geese with babies

We arrived at Wes’ parents home last Thursday afternoon, in time to buy peanuts at Rural King, thus replenishing the stash for my precious birds! Since it was rainy and cold Friday, we went to see the new Muppet movie, as I’m a big fan of Kermit and Miss Piggy! That evening Wes brother, Greg, joined us for supper, then we enjoyed a relaxing walk to go feed the three resident neighborhood horses, which is always one of my favorite things to do!  After lunch Saturday, Wes’ dad George and I drove to a bike trail nearby. Thankfully the sun had finally come out and warmed things up a bit as we mounted our bikes, beginning a most enjoyable ride. After riding along a tree-lined path near the Ohio River, the trail makes a turn and runs along atop the grass-covered flood wall, affording several nice views along the way. We stopped for several photo-ops, while George pointed out different places of interest where either he or Jeanie had spent time, while growing up there.

Rachelle on bike path in Louisville

We returned in time for the four of us to spend the remainder of the afternoon at Henryville State Forest. The winding road leading through beautiful, lush woodlands brought us to a fire tower. While Wes’ parents graciously waited, we climbed the hundred-plus steps leading to the top, where an awesome 360-degree view of the surrounding area awaited us! A special treat was seeing the blossoms of a large Tulip Poplar Tree from above.

Photos From Henryville State Forest and Fire Tower

rachelle inside the henryville fire tower

henryville fire tower

view from henryville fire tower

Checking out another great viewing location, we came upon where a wedding would soon take place, so we made the most of the perfect photo-op before going to see a nearby lake. The small lake was most picturesque and perfect for the fisherman in the kayak taking advantage of the beautiful afternoon!

wes and rachelle siegrist in henryville state forestBefore “I do” . . . .

rachelle and wes siegrist in henryville state forest

. . . After “I do”

fishing in henryville state forest
Sunday, Wes’ brother, Tony, and family joined us at Spring Mill State Park. After a lovely picnic in the sun, we spent the afternoon exploring the historical village, containing the largest mill I’ve ever seen! The huge stone structure was quite stunning, especially when the massive water wheel turned, splashing water about as it rumbled and creaked! We walked about admiring historical furniture and artifacts contained in the numerous old buildings and homes, finding the garden surrounded by a stone fence complete with two arched entrances, most beautiful and peaceful!

siegrist family at spring mill state parkThe gang

wes siegrist by spring millWes, Tony, Jeanie and George by the mill

Leaving the village with my prized purchases of Cinnamon Basil and Lemon Verbena plants, we headed to a nearby location where George spent time swimming as a boy. After seeing the beautiful lake and enjoying the Nature Center, we left with many great memories and made it home in time to enjoy supper that night with Wes’ brother Greg and his family.

 Photos From Spring Mill State Park

spring mill state park creek

spring mill state park gardens

spring mill state park

I named this “The singing tree”  . . .

the singing tree


2 thoughts on “A Visit With Wes’ family!

  1. James Smith

    Just had to ask if the fish go up the creek.  Thanks for sharing the photo’s. Jim

      “UP AND AWAY” Oil 3 5/8″ x 2 1/4″

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