Wow . . . What a Huge Canvas!

Painting the house and porches

By Rachelle Siegrist

wes painting the deckWes painting away

It’s been a different kind of week here at the “Siegrist Manor”, as we have spent the past four days painting our house and porches, and still have several days’ worth of painting left to do. What appeared as a smaller sized house, has somehow managed to grow over the past few days while painting on it! The back deck, having baked in the sun over the past twelve years, was really starting to show its age, so we decided to paint it, thus saving it. Only, it had to be done with a brush instead of a roller, so you can imagine how much longer it took! Minutes turned into hours . . . hours into days . . . and we’re still painting, but at least on a different section of the house now. We get up and paint all day, go to bed, then get up and paint all day again. We’ve decided that painting miniature paintings is much easier and lots more fun, even the difficult ones!

porch at the siegristMostly done with the back now

siegrist porch

The fun part about painting the house is getting to be outside all day, which I dearly love! The male House Wren has serenaded us throughout the days with his beautiful, energetic song, while his lady quietly sits on the nest nearby. I have to take numerous breaks throughout the day to feed Peedeepeeps, my Carolina Wren mealworms, which he  feeds to his baby, who now comes right up to the table with us! How precious to watch Peeps  carry the worm over and place it into the large squeaking mouth! Hopefully this means I will have another worm eating customer in the future! My Tufted Titmouse, Stubbs, also comes many times daily to be given her special peanut-crunchy treats. Our resident robin is building a nest in a nearby Cherry Tree, and has been pulling and tugging on pieces of Spanish Moss, whilst jumping up and down, trying her hardest to break it free. When she can’t seem to make that work, she grabs a chunk with her beak, holds onto it and swings through the air like a feathered Tarzan! I must confess I graciously tore a few small pieces and laid them on the hand railing, then watched as the thankful mommy-to-be gratefully came and got them. She also grabbed beak-fulls of mud from a puddle made by a drippy faucet we were using to rinse paint brushes. Needless to say, there’s a beautiful beak-crafted mossy mud nest in the tree now.

robins nest materialRobins mud supply

When you work hard, you gotta eat good! So one recent evening I made us a delicious mock-pasta dish, consisting of spiraled sweet potatoes, topped with a creamy balsamic reduction sage sauce, gorgonzola cheese and chopped walnuts. Needless to say, we ate good that night!

sweet potato pastaCan you say . . . Yummy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to painting the house . . .

~ Yours Truly


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