Freedom From House Painting!

By Rachelle Siegrist

carolina wrenMy friend Peedeepeeps

We ran out of paint . . . Yippee!!! After painting on our house and decks for a continuous week, we welcomed the break, although my feathered friends miss me not being outside to feed them almost constantly. We’ve been back happily at our easels, amongst experiencing other adventures. Memorial Day afternoon was spent at a park enjoying a cookout with all of our dear neighbors, while talking and laughing, and of course enjoying the Hedrick’s famous homemade ice cream! We spent the remainder of that evening and the next day painting our house, until that happy time came . . . when the paint was gone!

memorial day picnicThe neighborhood cookout

Friday evening we enjoyed a local concert featuring Walter Keale of Kailua, Hawaii, singing numerous Hawaiian tunes, while playing his ukulele. He made my day, when he sang one of my favorites, Hawaiian singer and his cousin, Izzy’s rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which was mesmerizingly beautiful! He called our area the “Hawaii of the South”, claiming it was beautiful like his homeland and moreover, the people were friendly like it too! It couldn’t have been more beautiful than when he sang Amazing Grace, accompanied by Randi McGinnis on the flute, as we all watched the sun setting behind the mountains! We were also taught several Hawaiian words throughout the evening, however, yours truly has already forgotten them all, except “Aloha”.

spruce flat falls wes and rachelle siegristFirst photo attempt, Wes almost went into the drink . . .

the second worked out much better!

rachelle and wes siegrist at spruce flat falls

Wes knowing I needed to be immersed in the woods, graciously took me to my favorite lunch spot, the base of Spruce Flat Falls! We had the trail completely to ourselves on the hike in, and we had only to share it with hundreds of little blue butterflies whilst sitting on our favorite rock and eating lunch. Recent rains brought the falls thundering down into the pool below, filling the surrounding air with a heavenly cool mist! No matter how many times we visit it, its always magnificent, and in some ways like my very first time, as I always notice something new. As butterflies flitted around us, tiny fish chased each other and sprinted in the water below. Ah . . . this is what I desperately needed, some “falls time”. So with batteries recharged, we said goodbye to our serene haven and enjoyed the lovely hike back.

~ Photos from our hike to the Falls ~

four leaved milkweedFour-leaved Milkweed

blue hairstreak butterflyThese Blue Hairstreak Butterflies obviously know that “X” marks the spot!

mountain laurel blossomsBlooming Mountain Laurel

rachelle siegrist and spruce flat fallsOne very happy girl!

view of the smokiesGorgeous view along the hike out

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrist’s Easel ~

Wes finished his very peaceful miniature painting, featuring a foot bridge leading to the Avent Cabin here in the Smoky Mountains, another favorite hike of ours! I’m currently painting  a Yellow Lab which we photographed during a visit to the old western town of Virginia City, MT.

Smokies Landscape Painting By Wes Siegrist“The Trail to Tranquility” by Wes

dog painting yellow lab by rachelle siegrist

~ Until next time


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