Why I Decided to be an Artist

Why I Decided To Be An Artist?

By Rachelle Siegrist

abstract painting by rachelle siegrist

Obviously I had a love for bright colors from the beginning

My birthday is this coming Saturday, so I thought it is a perfect time for reflecting on this question. I’ve always loved to color and draw . . . as far back as I can remember! My mom, ever graciously willing to sit and color with me,  was constantly coming up with great craft project ideas to do with my brother and me. We did things like place small, assorted colored chunks of crayons between two pieces of waxed paper, then melt it with an iron and make a mat for it out of construction paper. We created things out of dried pasta, pipe cleaners, felt paper, and built things out of scrap pieces of wood. We were always making our own puppets and putting on puppet shows for my parents. So I guess I’ve always been very creative, and that certainly played an important part in my decision to become an artist.

fishing drawing

My love for nature and being outdoors played in big part in my early drawings

wolf drawing by a child

My granny painted and it was thrilling when I worked along with her, doing several step-by-steps paintings! My dad is a dental technician and sculpts teeth, and my grandpa built furniture. Moreover my other granny sewed, so my life was surrounded and filled with the creativity of my entire family! How could I not help growing up wanting to create things myself? I believe they all had a big part in my choosing to be an artist, moreover, my love for bright colors and nature, which can be seen in early drawings,  show it’s quite appropriate that I specialized mainly in wildlife and landscape.

chicken drawing by a child

I had a love for birds from the beginning

color study

I loved doing color studies by overlaying crayons as a small child

As a teenager I enjoyed modeling, as well as designing and sewing my own clothes. I had been accepted into a fashion design college, but changed  plans due to a family illness.  However, things seem to work out for the best, so instead of designing clothes and living in a big city somewhere,  I met Wes, learned to paint and now live happily in the woods, where we paint side-by-side in our studio! I love making people happy and smile, and what better way to do that, than giving them something beautiful to look at, a place to escape, where everything is beautiful, peaceful and perfect . . . a taste of heaven on earth!

bird drawing by child

More evidence of my love for nature and color in these early drawings

fish drawing by child

~ Paintings on the Siegrist’s Easels~

I’m still currently painting on a miniature of a yellow lab, and still have a few hours left to do on it.  “Bosom Buddiesfeaturing two Golden Retrievers, is the latest painting in our Tandem Treasures series, which Wes and I are painting together for a special show in July.

dog paintings in progress by rachelle and wes siegrist

~ Until next time . . .


4 thoughts on “Why I Decided to be an Artist

  1. Happy Birthday, Rachelle!
    I wish you the very best creative year yet!
    So sweet to see your childhood masterpieces. My kids are inspired!

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