Monsters, Flowers and Paintings

By Rachelle Siegrist

gardenia blossomOne of my favorites . . . a Gardenia Blossom with its heavenly scent!

The past week has been a bit quiet around here, after all the excitement last weekend with my parents visiting. With the warmer temps, Wes and I have spent most of our time here in the studio, while still enjoying daily bike rides or walks. I also broke out my “hillbilly hot tub” and enjoyed soaking in it for the first time yesterday. Even though the hot tub is nice and warm, it’s loads more fun playing in the river, so I’m hoping to visit it again this week!

fuschia blossomA Fuschia blossom waits for a flying visitor

petunia blossomA Petunia still cloaked in morning dew

Peedeepeeps and Elvira, my Carolina Wrens, have kept me busy giving them mealworms, to feed to their remaining baby, who follows them around the yard and up onto the porch, to get squirming treats stuffed into its open mouth! My Titmouse, Stubbs, continues to come several times throughout the day as well, to enjoy her special bowl of crushed peanuts. Boxy turtle also visits frequently to get juicy, sweet mulberry handouts. The flowers, herbs and vegetable garden are all starting to grow nicely, keeping us well stocked with loads of fresh kale for our smoothies and salads. It will be awhile though, before our tomatoes and most peppers are ready to enjoy.

pansy blossomA happy Pansy face

salvia blossomA Salvia blossom, looking like a fuzzy haired girl in a red dress

A highlight for us this past week, was going to see Godzilla, with friends Kit, David and Amy. It was great and I was most thrilled that godzilla lived at the end! My brother and I grew up watching the awesome monster on TV, so it was a real blast from the past for me! When I told my mom that we had went to see it and how much I loved it, she replied with “Doesn’t he smash and destroy things?” to which I replied “Of course . . . that’s what monsters like him do, and what makes them so cool!” Obviously mom didn’t watch it with us much back then!

cartoon godzillaUs with . . . godzilla

Another highlight was enjoying a local Friday night concert, featuring the Tennessee Sheiks. We had not seen this talented group of musicians in several years, but they were just as great as the last time we saw them! Towards the end of the concert, we enjoyed watching a beautiful sunset, while listening to a robin who joined in with her own song for part of the concert. She moved in closer when they sang a past hit form Credence Clearwater Revival . . . obviously she’s a big fan of theirs! This afternoon, Wes is painting the last wall of the house, and after a few more touch-ups, we’re hoping to be done with that big job!

begonia leafThe underside of a Begonia leaf

box turtleBoxy gets a drink

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my painting of two Mourning doves surrounded by fallen Azalea blossoms, which we recently photographed in our backyard. We also finished the 3rd painting in our “Tandem Treasures” series, which Wes and I paint together.  We’re happy to say that Bosom Buddies sold within minutes of being put online!

Mourning Dove painting by Rachelle Siegrist“Peace and Beauty” by Rachelle

golden retriever dog painting by wes and rachelle siegrist“Bosom Buddies” by Wes and Rachelle

Until next time . . .


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