Whitewater Fun and Chocolate Cake

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist tubing in the smokiesCome on Kit . . . this is gonna be fun!

What says “summer” to you like nothing else? For me it’s spending time in the water, whether it’s in the river, a lake or at the beach! Well, we were blessed with another fun day spent at the river this past week, with friend Kit joining us. Stopping by Subway to pick up some sandwiches, we headed to the river late morning this past Thursday, and found a nice secluded spot, where we temporarily moved in for a few hours. The water was just as cold as the last time, even with the warmer days.  Nonetheless, within minutes we were all in and headed down the first cascade on our tubes. Squeals could be heard a mile away the first time the icy cold water splashed up on us! Soon we had become mostly numb however, making the journey down the freezing cascades much more bearable.

Rachelle sigrist tubing in the smokiesHere I go . . .

extreme tubing inthe smokiesWeeeeee . . . it’s more fun going down backwards!

rachelle siegrist tubing in the smokiesLooks like there’s a little person trying to ring me with their tube . . . ha!

rachelle siegrist and kit gentry tubingHa . . . this is too much fun!

Not being totally in control, you never quite know which way your tube is going to decide to go down the next drop, creating for some surprising adventures at times, especially when you go down backwards, which I always find quite thrilling! Having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for sometime and working up an appetite, we emerged from the cold water, and sat in our chairs strategically placed in sunny spots along the river’s edge. While eating sandwiches, and watching small fish swim by, I decided this was yet another one of my favorite “restaurants”! We finished lunch with a delicious piece of chocolate cake for energy . . . and because it’s just tasty!

relaxing in the riverAhhhh . . . pure summer time bliss!

wes siegrist tubingWes is chillin’ in more ways than one!

Jokingly Wes told me “You can’t get back in the water for 30 minutes now”, repeating what my brother and I had always been told while growing up. Of course, I didn’t listen and back into the icy retreat I went! After going down the cascades with Wes and Kit a few more times, I decided I would float on the tube, while laying on my stomach, which proved to be most relaxing! I carelessly drifted along without a care in the world, while watching the fish swim below the water’s surface,  and time stood still as I became one with the river. “Ahhhhhh” . . . I thought . . . this is truly the way to spend a perfect summer day! Although I could’ve happily remained there all day long, Wes and Kit were ready to head home. So reluctantly, I clumsily dismounted my tube and climbed out of the river, reminding it as I left, that soon I would be back!

baby godzillaWes and I found this baby godzilla, which had emerged from the river and obviously already survived an attack from a predator, We kindly gave to Kit, knowing how fond he is of godzilla.


rachelle siegrist tubing 4Up a lazy river . . .

We’ve managed to get a lot of painting time in the studio this past week as well as enjoying a few fun evenings with friends. One evening was spent at friends Fred and Barb’s house, where we played dominoes with Bill and Darlene, while enjoying lots of laughs as usual! After playing for a couple of hours, Fred surprised Wes and I with a gorgeous chocolate cake, which he had made for us as an early anniversary cake. It was scrumptious and the story behind its creation was as entertaining as the taste! It was made of several cake layers with chocolate ganache in between them, so when they started to slide apart, Fred “pulled out the ropes” and tied it together, with a brand new clean rope he assured us, until it set up. It was a great story and a great cake to boot, so we thanked him for going through all of the trouble to make it for us! We also enjoyed having Kit over for supper one night and then ate my homemade dark chocolate ice cream while watching a favorite movie of ours, “Ollie Hopnoodles Haven of Bliss”. Last evening we joined neighbor friends Richard and Melodie at their house for games and a movie. If all goes well, this next week should bring  more fun and adventures!


wes and rachelle siegrist with anniversary cakeWes and I with our beautiful and delicious early Anniversary cake

chocolate cake with ropeFred really pulled out the ropes for this one!

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my part of our “Tandem Treasure” painting of two tiger cubs, while Wes finished his miniature painting of a marina scene in Florida, this past week.  Wes is currently working on a painting of three Tufted Ducks, and I’m putting the finishing touches on a painting of a Black Bear.

Tiger Cubs painting by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist“Cozy Cubs” by Rachelle and Wes

boat and seagull painting by wes siegrist“Morning at the Marina” by Wes

Best of Show painting by Wes Siegrist

We were delighted to learn that Wes won “Best of Show’ on his miniature painting, “Guaymas Shrimpers at the 8th Annual Miniature Fine Art Show at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, IN!

Until next time . . . .


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