New Brushes Make Happy Artists!

Happenings in the Siegrists Studio . . .

By Rachelle Siegrist

wren and titmouseMy three favorite feathered friends!

It’s been a busy week here in the Siegrist’s studio! Wes and I got a couple of new brushes this past week, which is always exciting for any artist, and have already broke them in. When working with brushes as small as we do, it’s amazing what a difference having a few more bristles make! My feathered friends, two Carolina Wrens I call Peeps and Elvira, and a Titmouse named Stubbs have kept me most busy with trying to keep them fed. Peeps and Elvira are raising their 3rd family of babies this year, so they’re requiring extra mealworms presently, while Stubbs simply enjoys eating her nut crunchies, and comes periodically throughout the day for refills. Many times I feel like I’m running a café for birds!

rachelle siegrist on log along middle prong trailMe walking out on a large log spanning the river

wes siegrist along middle prong trailWes on one of the many large rocks scattered along the river

Hiking Middle Prong Trail . . .

We were once again blessed with several days of amazingly beautiful and cool weather here in the Smokies, especially for July, so we enjoyed part of one day with a short hike and lunch in the nearby Tremont area. With temps in the 50s, and me wearing an extra corduroy shirt, Wes and I hiked along the Middle Prong Trail, stopping to take several photos of gorgeous locations with cascades along the river. Several areas were quite magical with shafts of lights streaming down through the thick canopy above, illuminating sections of the water, and enabling us to see the bottom of the clear, swift moving stream. Having received significant rainfall in the area a couple of days before, the river was up and running with full force, crashing and thundering over the various cascades scattered throughout, creating spectacular displays of ever-changing whitewater and filling the air with a constant roar!

cascades along middle prong trailThe stunning “Triple Falls Cascades” along Middle Prong

luna moth along middle prong trailA beautiful Luna moth which Wes rescued from the river

Wes found us the perfect lunch spot, which was a large rock jutting out above the river, with a most perfect view of what we call triple falls cascade! After taking several photos of the magnificent setting, we settled in and enjoyed our sandwich, finishing up with a piece of dark chocolate! Leaving our lunch locale, we were most relaxed having enjoyed such a peaceful setting, and getting a serious refill of negative ions! We walked up the trial quite a ways before turning around and making the hike back. Just before we turned back, I found a most beautiful fungus specimen, and simply had to photograph it, as it looked very much like an anemone, which one would find while snorkeling in the tropics! Before long we had reached the trailhead for Middle Prong and so enjoyed our lovely ride home.

Rachelle siegrist by falls along middle prong trailPerched on a rock at another favorite spot!

wes siegrist by cascades along middle prong trailWes sitting at our beautiful lunch spot

rachelle siegrist photographing fungus in the smokiesSneaking up on and photographing the Coral Fungus …Ha!

coral fungus in the smokiesA type of Coral Fungus here in the Smokies

Fun with friends . . .

We’ve also enjoyed several fun evenings spent with friends. We had neighbor friends, Uschi, Jim, Beverly and Avery over for a game of Mexican Train, which Uschi was very excited to win! Another evening Kit joined us for supper on the porch and a funny movie. Last evening we joined friends Fred, Barb, Darlene and Bill at our favorite restaurant, Lemon Grass, for a delicious Thai dinner, while we celebrated Darlene’s birthday. Afterwards the six of us relaxed on Darlene and Bill’s lovely screen porch, while enjoying her delicious homemade Italian Crème cake and of course many laughs and great stories!


~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my miniature landscape painting of the beautiful Ladder Back Falls this past week, while Wes finished his painting of three gorgeous Mourning Doves, which we photographed in our backyard. He’s currently painting an American Robin and I’m painting the interior of one of the sculpture rooms in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  For our collectors: the Collectors’ Corner has been updated on the website!

Dove painting by Wes Siegrist “A Winter Mourning ” by Wes

painting of Ladder Back Falls by Rachelle Siegrist “Ladder Back Falls” by me

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Until next time . . .


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