Painting, Playing and More Painting!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist hillbilly tubingAh . . .  the very refreshing new sport of Hillbilly tubing!

We’ve had several rainy days here in the Smokies this past week. The benefit, other than the much needed rain itself, has been the productive time spent at our easels! Happily we’ve managed to get our daily walks or bike rides in as well, and enjoyed a morning of tubing in the Little River with friend Kit Gentry. although we didn’t get to see the otters this time, we still had a great and relaxing time!  The water was amazingly clear, making it appear only inches deep where it was actually several feet deep!  I personally, also took advantage of a couple of other pretty weather days, by putting up my “hillbilly hot tub”. Unfortunately, one of our beloved tubes had sprung a very small air leak, so we put it into my pool to see if the source of the leakage could be found. We couldn’t find it, but I did discover that it’s quite relaxing sitting on the tube in my little pool. Although it’s not as much fun as floating down the river, the water is certainly warmer! Hence I’ve discovered yet another sport in these here hills . . . Hillbilly Tubing! Works great when one can’t get to the river or if the water is just too cold!

wes and rachelle siegrist tubing in the little river in townsendWes and I floating down a lazy river… thanks Kit for the photo!

Cardinal flower in the smokiesA gorgeous shot of a Cardinal Flower which Kit took

the little river in the smokiesKit also took this beautiful photo of  my favorite rock in that section of the river

Each morning starts off, with me putting out a splendid buffet consisting of seeds, cracked corn and nut crunchies for my feathered and furry friends. Usually before I can even get out of the back door, I am met by my two little wrens, Peeps and Elvira, looking ever so cute while sitting on the table, not so patiently waiting for their breakfast of champions, worms! I quickly get my mealworm condo, carrying it outside, where they walk up and wait to be fed. Several worms later, they seem full and content, and at this time peeps usually flies over and gets into his dusting pot, which I made him by filling an empty hanging flower pot with a mixture of sand and dirt,  twisting silk vines around the hanger for added privacy. Within seconds, the pot is shaking violently and pieces of dirt are flying up into the air and out of the pot, filling the quiet morning air with rapid scratching noises, as he flutters around and carries on down in the pot! A couple of minutes later he jumps up onto the edge, and as he flies off,  he leaves a trail of dirt as it’s falls out of his feathers! I find this a most amusing ritual and feel glad to have him enjoy it so!

stubbsMy Tufted Titmouse, Stubbs, hanging on the studio window, letting me know she’s hungry!

sunbathing tufted titmouseTinymouse enjoying the warmth of the sun as much as I do!

Other than painting and feeding birds this past week, we enjoyed dinner at friends Fred and Barb’s house, where several other friends joined us for a nice dinner and dominoes one evening. For dessert, Fred surprised the group with individual chocolate cakes held together with metal skewers! This was his ingenious solution to stop them form sliding apart and toppling over, and made quite an interesting presentation to say the least! As with all of Fred’s desserts, they were delicious! Kit joined us for supper on the screen porch last evening, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner show put on by  the numerous birds eating their supper outside the porch. Afterwards, the three of us enjoyed watching an art DVD on the impressionists.

Rachelle and Sammie eating chocolate cakeSammie and I getting ready to enjoy Fred’s yummy cake!

wes siegrist with chocolate cakeWes goofing off

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Wes finished a couple of paintings this past week.  One miniature of an American Robin which we photographed while in Tulsa for the NatureWorks Art Show this past spring, and the other of the stunning Whitewater Falls.  This is one of my favorite falls and I remember hiking to the bottom of them, a mile straight down and then back up, with my family and friends from Canton, NC.  I’m still painting the interior of the sculpture room in the National Gallery in DC, and are putting the final touches on it presently.
miniature painting of an american robin by Wes Siegrist “A Warm Winter Day” an American Robin by Wes

painting of Whitewater Falls by Wes Siegrist Upper Section of Whitewater Falls” by Wes

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Until next time . . .


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