A Great Visit With Friends and Kayaking Adventures!

A visit with friends in Brevard and Cashiers, NC

By Rachelle Siegrist

hiking in brevard NCA beautiful sunlit section of the trail near Don’s home

Wes and I just returned from several days of fun and relaxation spent with friends. Having left early last Monday morning, we headed over the mountains with Fred and Barb, where we met friends Peggy and Tommy at a favorite restaurant of ours, the Cornucopia in Cashiers, NC. As always it was great food and great fun while spending time with the two of them, before completing our journey to Brevard, NC, to where our dear friend Don lives. That evening the five of us enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Square Root, where we were treated to scrumptious food, which was beautifully presented, appearing as an edible work of art! Another treat was visiting Downtown Chocolates, located across from the restaurant, where we found the glass cases full of exquisite looking chocolates.  It took some time to carefully choose several pieces to take with us.

rachelle siegrist at the square root in brevardBarb and I showing off our beautiful dinners at The Square Root

wes siegrist at the square rootWes and Don both enjoying their lovely and delicious dinners as well!

That evening we celebrated Don’s birthday while enjoying my homemade dreamsicle angel food cake, and watching him open his gifts. Don’s beautiful cat, Koko, enjoyed going through the open boxes as much as Don did opening them! That next morning after a breakfast of Wes’ blueberry pancakes on the porch, I walked a nearby trail, leading through the dense woods and along a stream, boasting several cascades and a waterfall along the way. It was simply beautiful, with the early morning sunlight streaming down through the thick canopy above, lighting sections of both the trail and the stream as I walked along. I spotted numerous assorted colored fungi alongside the trail and stopped to take photos of several specimens.

lavendar mushroom in brevard NCA gorgeous little purple mushroom which Wes spotted

orange funji in brevard NCA stunning orange fungi along the trail

transylvania county waterfallOne of the gorgeous small falls along the stream

Wes and I joined Fred and Barb as we ventured into downtown Brevard, where we enjoyed walking through the old Ace Hardware Store once again, and as usual found a great deal or two! After a visit to the White Squirrel Shop, we had a delicious pizza at Mike’s Pizza, now a yearly tradition for the four of us. After returning to Don’s, I enjoyed hiking the wooded trail once again,  hoping to find the sunlight hitting the waterfall at that time of the day. Thankfully I arrived at just at the right time and got a great shot of the beautiful secluded falls! That evening we all enjoyed supper at the Twin Dragons, where Wes and I personally really enjoyed the endless sushi bar . . . the veggie and cooked sushi that is. The next morning we said our goodbyes to Don, and drove to Cashiers, arriving at Peggy and Tommy’s beautiful place on Lake Glenville early that afternoon.

rachelle siegrist and kokoPrecious Koko and I enjoying a tender moment

As soon as we were unpacked, I changed and made my way down to the lake where I was happily reunited with the kayak! With my bag full of bread for the ducks, I paddled my way over to nearby Norton Falls. There I found the ducks eagerly awaiting their next handout, so I paddled to the sandbar by the base of the falls and thoroughly enjoyed sitting there while relaxing and basking in the warmth of the sun and feeding my duck friends! I felt as if I could sit there forever, but decided it would be fun to paddle along the opposite shoreline. While listening to the rhythmic sound of my paddles swishing through the water, I eventually made my way to the other side, with a strong breeze making the first part of my trip a bit more difficult. However, when I finally turned around, the wind was at my back and slowly pushed me along as I steered the kayak remaining a few feet from the rocky shoreline, filled with evergreens, rhododendrons and mountain laurels, some of which appeared to be ancient!

rachelle kayaking lake GlenvilleA very happy reunion . . .  me with the kayak!!!

rachelle siegrist kayaking lake glenville in cashiersEnjoying my first trip out

Other than the calming drip of the water from the paddle, the only sounds to be heard were the occasional strike from a fish nearby, the chirping call of one of the lakes resident Kingfishers while swooping down to catch a fish, or the call of the Ospreys while soaring in the clear azure blue skies above. As I floated along, I thought this is simply amazing, but just then something even more amazing happened. I noticed a small Ruby-throated Hummingbird skirting along the edge. So I closely watched as it visited every nook and cranny in the large rocks, then the thick green clumps of leaves and clusters of lichen and Old Man Whiskers, which were backlit by the late afternoon sun and hanging down from the old gnarly limbs of the Mountain Laurels. Time stood still as I slowly drifted, keeping up with this little flying jewel on its intriguing mission to locate insects. Occasionally he would chirp in his high pitched fast pace manner as if announcing his location to another. Once again I felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity to simply enjoy nature!

Early morning on Lake Glenville . . .

early morning on lake glenville in cashiers

mallard ducks on lake glenville early morning

mallard ducks on lake glenville

That evening we enjoyed another delicious pizza at Slab Town Pizza, topped with fresh jalapenos and pineapple, which was quite yummy! We sat in the outdoor dining room while enjoying the delightful Cashiers’ weather and lots of fun conversation and laughs. Of course as soon as we returned to their home on the lake, I bounded down the 68 stairs leading to the lake, where I was met by my waiting duck friends, and so I enjoyed feeding and hanging out with them once again! I spent much of the next day kayaking on the lake, enjoying the sites and sounds, gorgeous weather and of course feeding the ducks! After enjoying a relaxing walk to Norton Falls with Wes and Peggy, that evening we enjoyed Peggy’s delicious homemade enchiladas, which is always a treat for Wes and I.  The meal was topped off with her homemade cranberry cake for dessert, a real winner! Before the sun set that evening, I made yet another trip down to the lake to feed my ducks one more time and was rewarded with a great photo of the gorgeous sunset!

sunset on lake glenvilleThe beautiful sunset with a few of my feathered friends

view of lake glenville in cashiersI never tire of seeing this old stump which appears to be walking along the shoreline

After a few sips of coffee the next morning, I went down to the lake for the last time to feed my ducks, and to say good-bye to both them and beautiful Lake Glenville. Before we knew it, breakfast was over, we were packed and were saying good-bye to Peggy and Tommy as we started our journey back home over the mountains. Many thanks again to Don, Peggy and Tommy, for a wonderful visit!

rachelle siegrist and peggy littlePeggy and I in front of Norton Falls

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my miniature portrait painting of Don’s kitty Samson, with his beautiful green eyes.   Wes finished his miniature landscape painting of Peggy and Tommy’s home on the lake, which was appropriately  titled “Little Haven of Bliss”, since their last name is Little.

cat painting cat portrait painting by Rachelle Siegrist“Mr. Green Eyes” by me

landscape miniature painting by Wes Siegrist“The Little Haven of Bliss” by Wes

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Until next time . . .

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