A Visit From Artist Friends and Getting Ready For the Waterfowl Festival!

“A hike, visit with friends and getting ready for the Waterfowl Festival”

By Rachelle Siegrist

fall in the great smoky mountains

Although beautiful, walking the same paved path around Townsend can at times get . . . well . . . a bit boresome, so I convinced Wes this past Friday, to go hike a nearby trail for awhile instead. Chestnut Tops , a mere 5-minute drive from our house was the trail of choice, and it turned out to be a perfectly timed visit! Climbing in elevation during the first half hour of the walk, we shuffled along through piles upon piles of fallen leaves, releasing that ever so pleasing scent of autumn into the air. Nearby trees, which were now bare, gave way to several beautiful views of the distant mountains dressed in their golden fall splendor! Reaching near the top and upon walking along the south side of the mountain, I was truly amazed when I saw numerous Scarlet Oak trees, dressed with leaves in the most stunning, brilliant shades of red that I have ever seen! The distant blue mountain serving as a backdrop, and the glorious sunlight filtering through the red canopy above, created a spectacular and truly stunning sight! I couldn’t help but continually  stop as we walked along, to admire the natural beauty surrounding me and to top it off, there were piles of thick, lush green moss lining the trail in areas which I simply couldn’t resist petting! I couldn’t decide what was more delightful, the glorious fall color, being able to shuffle my feet through the piles of fallen leaves or admiring and petting the moss. Needless to say, it was a wonderful hike and a most pleasant change of scenery from our normal route! The only bummer was . . . I forgot my camera!

wes and rachelle siegrist john seerey-lester

John, Wes, Jack (playing with the cheese), me and Chuck all enjoying our delicious dinner!

We were delighted when we received an email from dear artist friends, John and Suzie Seerey-Lester, saying that they were in Townsend and had seen us walk by while at the visitor center earlier that day! Excitedly, the next evening we joined them, and four of their friends, at a beautiful house which they were renting locally. After welcoming hugs and getting somewhat caught up on recent happenings, our taste buds were treated to John’s delicious sauteed shrimp, with loads of garlic, parsley, pepper and rock salt. Mmmmmm . . . could be heard coming from different sections of the great room, as we all enjoyed them! As impressive as the tasty shrimp themselves, was the handcrafted wok, called a Lazarus Wok, on which he cooked them! The woks are made from pieces of old farming equipment, which were rescued from southern junk piles.  What once served as harvesting equipment, continues to be used in a new manner! Not only did it cook the shrimp perfectly, but appeared as a beautiful piece of sculpture as well!

wes siegrist John & Suzie Seerey-LesterMaureen, Suzie, John and Wes take a second to pose

Eventually we all made our way into the dining room where the table was beautifully set and so inviting! Then we were treated to a delicious salad with sautéed fish, and several cheese fondues, with a favorite being one made of smoked Gouda and apple cider, along with a platter of tasty things to dip into it. The scrumptious meal was accompanied with piles of laughter and delightful conversation. The dinner concluded with fresh hot-spiced apple cider and a piece of my chocolate pumpkin spice cake with orange infused cream cheese frosting. Needless to say, we all ate like kings that evening! The remainder of the evening was spent relaxing and sharing stories, while comfortably seated and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. The next morning they all came to visit and see our studio and home, which was so much fun. Wes and I are already looking forward to their visit next time!

siegrist miniature paintings

Wes stands by our miniature paintings eager to go to the Waterfowl Festival

We’ve both been very busy getting ready for the upcoming 44th Annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD, which begins this coming Thursday, November the 14th and runs through Sunday the 16th. We will be displaying over 50 miniature paintings just for you to see and add to your collections, with most being completely new to the show this year. We’re very much looking forward to seeing many of you, our dear collector friends there!

rachelle siegrist painting a dog portraitPainting the gold on my miniature of my special friend Herschel

With Veteran’s Day being this week, I wanted to share a beautiful picture,which my Sister-n-law Alicia made, featuring my Dad, who was a Sergeant in the Air Force, and fought in the Vietnam War. It will hang on the wall of my Nephew Tyler’s school and will be part of a program to celebrate and honor our Veterans. I am so very proud of, and thankful to my Dad, as well as to Wes’ Dad and both mine and Wes’ late grandpas, and Wes’ brother, who all served our country in the Armed Forces! We salute you both,  and all of you who have served or are serving our country!!! . . . Thank You!

larry davis air force photoIsn’t he handsome!

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my miniature portrait painting of a very special friend of mine, Herschel.  While visiting our dear friends Bob and Diane in CO recently. Herschel and I quickly became best buds, and enjoyed watching their droves of hummingbirds, while he contentedly sat in my lap!  Wes finished his painting of what was the gorgeous view from our campsite every morning, while camping at Highlands Hammock State Park with my family last spring.  Happy memories there indeed!

dog painting, dog portrait, miniature painting of a dog by Rachelle SiegristOne Happy Boy ” by me

landscape painting by Wes_Siegrist“Sunrise In The Pines” by Wes 

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Until next time . . .
~ Rachelle


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