Exquisite Miniatures Opens at the Steamboat Art Museum

Exquisite Miniatures Opens at the Steamboat Art Museum

By Rachelle Siegrist

Exquisite Miniatures at Steamboat art museum 3Last evening was the opening for our Exquisite Miniatures exhibition, at the lovely Steamboat Art Museum, located in Steamboat Springs, CO. Our Exhibition will remain on display there until around April 15th.

  (All photos of the exhibition are courtesy of the museum) . . . enjoy!

viewing miniature paintings at steamboat art museumGetting a closer look!

Exquisite Miniatures at Steamboat art museum 4

Exquisite Miniatures at Steamboat art museum 2

Exquisite Miniatures at Steamboat art museum 5

We’ve been at our easels much of the week, busily painting on miniature commissions that are to be surprises, so alas I cannot yet share them with you, but soon . . . very soon!  Nonetheless, we’ve taken a couple of breaks to spend time with friends as well.  This past Tuesday afternoon, we attended a interesting and informative talk about historic writer, Horace Kephart, who was very instrumental in helping to get the Great Smoky Mountains established as a national park.  However, there’s nothing like spending time in the woods, and we did just that this past Monday, when dear collector friends, Steve and Dianne spent the day with us here in the Smokies.  With lunches packed, the four of us headed into nearby Elkmont area located inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  We spent some time walking through the historical old cabins still standing in areas, before enjoying our picnic lunch on a beautiful old stone patio beside the river.  The relaxing sounds of the adjacent stream, provided the perfect background “music” as we all relaxingly sat there enjoying the surrounding beauty.

picnicing at elkmont in the smoky mountainsDianne, Steve, Wes and me enjoying our beautiful lunch spot!

Afterwards, we took a nice hike up the Little River Trail, which follows alongside the river the entire way, giving way to numerous picturesque spots as you go.  Hiking up to a location where a small cascade descends down the mountainside, runs under the bridge on the trail,  then falls to the river below, we turned around and started the hike back.

hiking in elkmont in the smoky mounatinsI’m obviously talking about the size of one of the trout I’ve caught . . . ha!

We also visited a couple of the quaint old historic cabins sitting back off of the trail quite a ways, and were delighted to find a little treasure!  It was a beautiful little stone bridge, obviously built for foot traffic only, spanning the small stream, and looking as if it came straight out of a fairytale setting!  I’m anxious to return to it later this spring, to get more photos of it, when it’s surrounded by green and lit by the sun.  Leaving there, we returned home later that afternoon, and said our goodbyes, while exclaiming what a lovely day we had all enjoyed! We also enjoyed a game night with friends here at our house one evening, as well as enjoying a movie at a neighbors’ house last evening.

rachelle siegrist on bridge in elkmontDianne and me standing on our newly discovered treasure
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Until next time . . .
~ Rachelle


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