Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas!

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

By Rachelle Siegrist

wes and rachelle siegrist christmas 2014

We’ve spent most of the past week at our easels, while finishing up a couple of commissions. We’ve also been enjoying daily walks, during which I’m continually thankful for my recently acquired winter coat, and have been wondering how in the world I managed to get along without it during the past 12 years! This past Thursday evening was our annual neighborhood Christmas dinner. Gathering at a restaurant in nearby Maryville, everyone enjoyed lots of conversation and laughs. I personally really enjoyed seeing all of the Christmas lights during the ride back from our big evening out, with our neighbors, Jim and Uschi.

When you’re little and you have the cuteness factor going on, the world is full of endless possibilities, and such is the case with my adorable little niece, Haydyn. While recently in a store with my mom, Haydyn expressed how much she loved the M&M guy they have on display, so imagine her excitement when the store employee gave her an extra one that they had in storage, to enjoy as her very own! She better be careful though, because her chocolate loving Aunt NoNo also loves the M&M guys!

haydyn and the M&M guyHaydyn and her new friend . . . the M&M guy

While recently leaving a store with my mom, Haydyn dropped some money into the Salvation Army container. The bell ringer man was so taken with her, that he asked if she’d like to ring the bell, and as all children would answer, of course she said “Yes”! The next thing she and her granny knew, the gentleman had placed his apron on her, put her up on his chair and told her to ring away. As you can well imagine, there was a sudden increase in donations!

The Salvation Army helperHaydyn does her part as a Bell Ringer

double rainbow by grassy island trailMy brother Marshall took this gorgeous photo yesterday, near my favorite bike trail, Grassy Island

Here’s two more photos from our recent trip to Indiana, which I had all ready to go and accidentally forgot to upload to my blog last week . . .

wes and george siegrist in the lanier mansionWes and George with the ceiling of the 3rd floor in the Lanier Mansion, appearing to rest on their heads.

wes and caroline siegrist playing cardsWes and Caroline playing a card game called “trash”

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We’re delighted to announce a new venue to our EXQUISITE MINIATURES Tour! Our miniature paintings will travel next to the Albany Museum of Art in Albany, GA: May 14th thru August 15th. We are planning to attend opening activities to give presentations.

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~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

As well as finishing a surprise pet portrait commission, I also finished my miniature painting of a very sweet English Springer Spaniel, named Lily, whom I met and photographed while in Easton, MD, last month.  Wes is doing the final touches on his surprise commission.

english springer spaniel dog painting by Rachelle Siegrist
“Miss Lily”  by Rachelle

To commission a miniature painting visit http://www.artofwildlife.com/commissions.htm

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Jesus  . . . the reason for the season!

Until next time . . .


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