Wes’ Birthday and a Walk in the Woods

Wes’ Birthday and a Walk in the Woods

By Rachelle Siegrist

wes siegrist 49th birthdayWes celebrating his 49th birthday this week and enjoying homemade cookies

Okay, I have to confess that I acquired a silly new habit, albeit a good form of exercise, while recently in Florida. My nephew Tyler and niece Haydyn introduced me to kids Zumba. You follow along with the person or cartoon critter on the video, as you slide, jump, twist and giggle your way into shape! Of all the ones we danced to, our favorite was called The Sid Shuffle. The cute character, Sid, from the movie Ice Age, leads you through multiple, cool-looking dance steps, ending in one called “Walk it out like granny”. As you can imagine the kids and I had a ball hamming it up while “walking it out like granny” and of course looking and laughing at my gracious mom the entire time we did it! Tyler did an awesome job of playing it up, with one hand on his back, while bending over, with the other arm out to the side.  Each delightful performance resulted in howls from all watching!

So if you’re buried in snow with the temps too frigid to enjoy being outdoors, and you need to get your heart pumping, just click on The Sid Shuffle, and soon you too will be laughing and having so much fun “walking it out like granny”, that you’ll forget all about the single digits out in Jack Frost world!

squirrels in the snow in the smoky mounatinsTwo squirrels enjoying their treats

Speaking of Jack Frost, he seems to like hanging around here this time of year and brought snow to us one day this past week, which was very pretty while it lasted! The birds seem to think something bigger and colder is headed our way however, as I can’t seem to keep them filled up! I’m constantly feeding my Carolina Wren Peeps his worms,  Titmouse Stubbs her nut crunchies, and replacing the treat buffet for everyone else. Numerous times this past week, we’ve had close to a hundred finches and Pine Siskins on our handrails all pigging out!

homemade heated birdbathWes made this birdbath which is heated by a candle inside the tin can below . . . the birds adore it!

purple finch in snowA beautiful Purple Finch

We took a pleasant break from our normal walk around town, and enjoyed walking along the river located in the nearby Tremont area inside the Smokies, for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. The sun came out and the reflection of the blue skies above danced on the ever-changing surface of the water as the river splashed its way along. Icicles formed in areas and around several waterfalls, glistened and sparkled in the bright sunlight, creating a beautiful winterscape indeed!

iciles in tremont in januaryIce can be so beautiful

moss covered tree in tremontA moss covered tree looked anciently stunning!

winter waterfall in tremontGetting close to the falls

The moss was most luscious from the recent moisture and I couldn’t resist removing my glove several times to feel it! The river’s deep pools of water were the most magnificent shades of turquoise due to the higher oxygen levels in the water from colder temps, creating stunning waterscape scenes! “Oh if only the water was warm” . . . I thought to myself, it would be simply delightful to swim in the gorgeous blue pools! But alas that water is never warm, not even in the heart of summer! Needless to say though, we had a delightful walk in the woods and my nature loving “batteries” were recharged!

frozen mud puddleEven a mud puddle can be lovely!

mushrooms in tremont smokiesA gorgeous grouping of frozen mushrooms

rachelle siegrist in tremont januaryStanding beside one of the many beautiful blue pools!

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my painting of a gorgeous Black Lab this past week, and Wes finished a painting of an Alligator which he photographed during our visit to Florida recently.  We’re both busily painting for the upcoming 33rd Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition located in Charleston, SC and as well as for a few other shows.

black labrador painting , sporting dog painting by rachelle siegrist
“Black, Red and Happy All Over ” by Rachelle
alligator painting
“A Muck Monster” by Wes

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


2 thoughts on “Wes’ Birthday and a Walk in the Woods

  1. Don Weiser

    Nice blog again this week guys! Enjoyed the nature photos (learned something about brooks in winter) and the new paintings! Wes, you CAN’T be 49!!!!!!!!!!!! 32 maybe!! Anyway, happy birthday!!!!!!! Don


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