Over 12,000 Newsletters!

Keeping In Touch With Collectors

By Wes Siegrist

Wes Siegrist in his studio in 1990
Wes in the studio with baby Spike 1990. Siegrist newsletters contain photos of us in the studio, field and at shows. We sometimes also share family photos and us as kids.

It’s hard to believe we’ve sent out so many newsletters over the past two decades. At least 12,000 of them with conservative math. Considering we started with a typewriter, handwriting addresses, and licking stamps we’ve come a LONG ways! It’s been fun to keep in touch with collectors over the years and I must say, it’s a joy now to look back over all the issues and see photos and read news from back then. It’s also exciting to see how our business and career has evolved over the three decades. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all those collectors who are still with us and so many fond memories for those we’ve lost. So many collectors grow to be family to us since we often spend countless hours of personal time with them outside of shows. It is truly a blessed life and career we enjoy!

Rachelle Siegrist at an art show in 1992
Rachelle with some of her jewelry in 1992. We’ve done a variety of things over our career to pay the bills in addition to painting as those who have followed us via newsletters can attest! We did settle into miniature painting starting @1997.

Our first newsletter was typed up in 1996. We wish we had the business sense to start one from the outset in 1990 but we do look forward to continuing to distribute them. Here’s a walk down memory lane for those who have been ardent supporters from the outset:

1996: Typewritten newsletters
1997: The Fall issue marked the first time we used a computer to create our newsletter. Our first website also went online.
1999: Our current website, artofwildlife.com was launched and we started our first email newsletter
1999: We started using automated sign-up forms and Listbot to distribute monthly eLetters
2000: Past copies of the eLetters are put on the website
2001: In July, we decided to make a newsletter at a special section on the website so we could display more color photos and have a more accessible archive of news
2008: We discontinued the online newsletters to simplify the website since it was growing to enormous proportions spanning hundreds of pages!
2010: We started using social media to more actively engage followers and collectors on a near daily basis
2015: Our bi-monthly interactive email newsletter begins to facilitate access via links to featured articles and news

We’re still snail-mailing out newsletters from the studio three times per year although now these go only to active collectors. Anyone can receive our new email newsletters and follow us via Facebook and the Blog.

Siegrist Email Newsletter

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