I’ve Gone To The Dogs Lately!

Painting Dog Commissions

By Rachelle Siegrist

We’ve spent most of our time this past week back at the easels, feverishly painting away for several upcoming deadlines! I have numerous dog portrait commissions lined up as well, which I’m currently working on, so that’s what I’ve spent the majority of my time lately doing. I love painting man’s best friend, so it is a real joy painting these small jewels immortalizing people’s precious dogs. I usually work from photos that are emailed or snail-mailed to me or the rare occasion when I get to go meet a dog and take the photos myself. The really neat part is though, that I feel like I know them after I’ve spent hours painting them, even when I’ve never met them in real life!  Here are a couple of the dog painting commissions, which I’m currently enjoying working on.

wire haired dachsund painting in progress
My painting of precious Petey in Progress



Black Lab painting in progress by rachelle siegrist
My painting of Scout in progress


Other than painting, we have enjoyed taking walks most days, although there was a couple when it rained all day, preventing us from doing so. Not to worry though, as I have a walking machine in our basement which I use or get my exercise for the day doing Zumba, while trying to follow along with the fast paced lady on the YouTube video.  It’s always fun and gets my heart really pumping! One evening this past week, another couple along with us, enjoyed playing Mexican Train dominoes at our friends Fred and Barb’s house, and of course Wes won . . . again!

I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am to see the Daffodils starting to open in our yard, and tiny leaf buds appearing on some of our trees and bushes!!! I have to say that after this winter, I was beginning to think Spring would never come, and so I’m delighted to “feel it in the air”!  I hope that many of you too, are enjoying those first few wonderful glimpses of Spring!

Wes recently finished another book in our collection series titled “Bird Paintings Vol. I” which features a delightful collection of 76 of our miniature paintings of birds.  Click on the image below for more about the book or to purchase a copy at the iBookstore.

Bird Paintings Vol. I by Wes Siegrist

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

This past week, I finished my painting of a beautiful Golden Retriever who obviously was having a ball chasing and retrieving a stick, and who totally adored the water!   Wes finished his painting of a gorgeous pinelands scene which we photographed during a camping trip to Highlands Hammock State Park, with my family last Spring.

southern pine lands landscape painting by wes siegrist
“Pinelands Sunrise” by Wes


golden retriever sporting dog painting by rachelle siegrist
“Water Baby” by Rachelle


~ ————— Ω ————— ~

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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